Quick and Dirty silver casting to turn coal into treasure

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As I've mentioned here and here, I'm a bit obsessed with rocks and all they represent.

I view rocks as symbols of strength to remind us of our stability and fortitude. 

So of course, I must keep making reminders of how strong we are and the treasures that go hand in hand with that strength! 

I've been making a few one of a kind rings to go with the Rock Necklaces. 

Here are the steps to show you how I've turned a hunk of charcoal and pile of silver and gold scraps into a sparkly statement ring. 


Step 1 - Making a rough mold to cast sterling silver scrap 

 Step 2 - quick cast silver rocks and the carving/sanding/shaping process

Step 3 - Making gold and silver baubles to adorn the rock

Step 4 - Pulling it all together and adding ring shank

There you have it!

About 30 hours of work distilled down to 4 minutes. 

carving charcoal, casting recycled sterling silver, carving and shaping cast silver faceted rocks until polished and ready to be made into jewelry, handmade by metalsmith Catherine Grisez

hammering silver ring shank and attaching it to rock treasure ring to complete handmade recycled silver and 14k gold  statement ring by metalsmith Catherine Grisez

recycled sterling silver, 14k yellow gold, sea foam tourmaline, and topaz ring handmade in Seattle by artist CG Sculpture and Jewelry, Catherine Grisez

You may have noticed I cast and carved more than the one rock ring you see finished. Several of those turned into a fun secret project so stay tuned to hear more about that in the future. 

In the meantime, see how the second rock ring turned out... 

See the finished Rock Rings here. 

What do you think? I'd love to hear what part of this process delights you the most. Comment below! 

Catherine Grisez

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