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Bio and Artist Statement


Born and raised in Ohio, Grisez now resides in Seattle, WA. She earned her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design where she majored in Jewelry and Light Metals with an emphasis in holloware. Her artwork spans from limited edition and one-of-a-kind jewelry to both small and large scale sculpture. Her work has been exhibited nationally in museums and galleries, featured in Metalsmith, Sculpture, and American Craft Magazines, and published in Chasing and Repousse, Methods Ancient and Modern by Nancy Megan Corwin and 500 Metal Vessels by Lark Books, to name a few.

Grisez has been making and exhibiting sculpture professionally since 2000. In 2011, she started Catherine Grisez Jewelry - a collection of limited edition jewelry, born from a desire to translate her sculptures to an accessible and affordable, yet treasured scale. In 2015, Catherine combined her passions, forming CG Sculpture and Jewelry. She continues to design and make sculpture and jewelry in addition to small home goods, custom wedding jewelry, architectural accessories, and interactive public works. She has found harmony and balance in extremes by working both small and large, setting precious tiny rubies in a necklace one day and designing 50’ public art the next.


Artist Statement

The conceptual focus of my sculpture is based in personal narrative, using abstracted references to natural imagery and societal influences to share my experiences and thoughts. Many ideas are flushed out during mountain and beach walks in the Pacific Northwest, where the cool air and mossy terrain inspire an energized calm translated in my work.

I was initially trained as a jeweler, which ingrained the importance of pristine craftsmanship that I try to honor in my sculpture. I primarily use traditional holloware techniques of cold smithing (forming through raising, chasing, and repoussé, etc) and fabricating brass, copper, silver, and steel. I contrast simple organic shapes with detailed textures achieved by casting and/or electroforming carved wax elements and achieve color through patinas and vitreous enamels. Although I place a strong emphasis on metal processes, my primary objective is to develop the concept of the piece. Therefore, I use the skills I have as a platform and introduce new materials whenever necessary to more clearly illustrate my ideas.