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In Flight

I didn’t realize until I had it in person that it is slightly asymmetrical with one scoop being slightly smaller, to me this gives it the feeling that it’s in flight. I love it even more. I’ve been pairing it with my go-to pod necklace. ❤️

My favorite

My all-time favorite necklace, I wear mine constantly, in layers or solo. Exquisite, well-made, solid yet delicate. Can’t say enough good things about it. ❤️

I love my new curious path necklace!

My sweet sister made it possible for me to get this necklace, which I’ve been coveting for years, so every time I put it on, I think of her. You cannot go wrong with anything Catherine creates. Her work is beautifully designed, expertly crafted, and oh so collectable! Which is why I have more than one! 😉

Optimism Lemon Drop Necklace
Loved it.

Hope my grand daughter loves it as much as we do.

I love it!

I love it. It is absolutely gorgeous and I already have the earrings to match. YEA!!!!!

Thanks so much!

Horizontal Motion

Gorgeous necklace! I love the asymmetry and horizontal "motion" of the curve and chains. And the sunstone is a surprisingly versatile stone that goes with lots of colors. A really beautiful piece!

Love the mini-scoop

Bought it in gold vermeil at the trunk sale. Comfortable and lightweight, the simple but sensuous shape goes from dress-up to everyday.