Warranty and Repairs

In all cases, please send images and info to c@catherinegrisez.com to discuss your options.


I strive for superior quality and workmanship in all sculpture and jewelry. If there is a problem caused by manufacturing error, I will do everything in my power to make it right. In these cases, products will be repaired at no cost to you within two years of purchase.

If there’s owner/user caused damage, we will do what we can to repair the piece so you can continue to enjoy your CG original. Repair or replacement costs assessed on a case by case basis. 

For approved repairs, please allow 15-30 business days to complete.


Workmanship is guaranteed for two years after purchase. Repairs done by other jewelers are not covered by our implied warranty. Damage due to user error or misuse is assessed on a case by case basis.

Keep in mind…

  • Gemstones can loosen in their settings as jewelry is worn. If you detect a stone is moving or jiggling, contact us immediately to have the setting secured. Email c@catherinegrisez.com

  • Ring sizing is not an exact science (especially when working from a distance). Our bodies change and fingers can swell and shrink under different circumstances. First ring resizing is free.

  • Earring replacement: Lost half of your favorite pair from a limited edition collection? Single earrings are available for 50% of the pairs current retail value. (Though in some cases this may not be possible – mates are dependent on current availability)

  • Custom earrings - earring replacement is assessed on a case by case basis. In some cases it’s possible to remake the lost earring at half the original total price. (depending on gemstone/component availability)

  • Darkened (or oxidized) metal will naturally lighten with wear. Some factors can speed up this process - individual chemistry, prolonged exposure to sunlight or beauty products for example. Many CG pieces can be re-oxidized and we're happy to do so for free the first time, you only need to cover shipping costs. Pieces with gemstones sometimes can’t be re-oxidized, email to confirm before sending.

  • Silver is less likely to tarnish (yellow or darken) if stored in an anti-tarnish bag or box, sealed in zip-lock bag, or other containers that keep out oxygen (exposure to oxygen speeds up tarnishing).

  • Apply make up, perfume and other beauty products before putting on your jewelry. These chemicals can harm the finish on your jewelry.

  • Steamy bathrooms are not ideal for jewelry storage - too much moisture will affect the finish of your jewelry.

  • Jewelry should be worn but treated well to maintain it’s finish. See Care/Maintenance for additional tips.


Workmanship is guaranteed for two years after purchase. Damage due to user error or misuse is assessed on a case by case basis for the possibility and cost of repair.

Keep in mind…

  • Do not leave in extreme temperatures. Freezing and heat affect the expansion and contraction of metal/glass differently, which could lead to cracking and chipped enamel.

  • Vitreous enamel is powdered glass fused to copper at high temperatures (1500 degrees) - it can withstand a lot but will crack if dropped from a distance, banged against a hard surface, or thrown at a wall in a fit because your popovers collapsed just before dinner guests arrive. Be gentle!

  • Due to the one of a kind nature of enamelware, not all designs can be repaired or if repaired, colors and hand drawn graphite images may change.



Due to the broad spectrum of sculpture materials and construction techniques, each is evaluated on a case by case basis.

In general, all hammered and fabricated metal components are guaranteed. Other components such as music box mechanisms and delicate found objects are not under warranty. Enameled components carry same warranty listed above.

Keep in mind…

  • Metals should be waxed on an annual basis to maintain luster. Follow the waxing instructions listed under music boxes in Care/Maintanence.

  • The process used to make most pieces (often referred to as holloware) is a labor of love. Sheets of metal are hammered into submission to create the form and texture and joined together to create a hollow shape. While they look heavy and sturdy, they are often light and somewhat delicate and could dent if mishandled (but will never shatter like ceramics or glass).

  • Use care when handling and displaying to avoid dents in hollow forms, cracking enamel, and breaking components.

  • Consider using museum wax to keep art secure wherever displayed.


Music Boxes

Metal (steel/bronze/copper/silver) components and construction are guaranteed. Due to the delicate nature of music mechanisms, they are not under warranty.

Keep in mind…

  • Music boxes from the Constructing Deconstruction series should be handled with care. They are sturdy but music mechanisms are delicate!

  • To hear the music, turn the key (bird, nest, or egg that is perched on top of the box) clockwise several turns until you feel some resistance, be sure not to over-wind. Open the box to hear the music and see the interior - the music will stop when the box is closed.

  • Intended to be an intimate experience for the viewer, best enjoyed while held.

  • Use care when opening the box as the music mechanism could be damaged if the key hits a hard surface. If the box is opened while resting on a table or pedestal, hold it open to ensure the key can move freely.

  • Not a toy or intended for young children.