Wedding and Bridal

Weddings and bridal party, coupling of any kind. I support love in all forms and do not discriminate.

Starting at $1000 for rings and $150 for bridal party

“When my boyfriend (now husband) proposed I was in complete awe of the ring and how soft the edges felt on my hand. Most rings seem hard and ridged but these rings fit perfectly. I was beyond excited and impressed with Catherine’s attention to detail and ability to create my unique, one of a kind ring set inspired by pictures from hikes we had taken. I can’t imagine having a ring from any other designer. Catherine is extremely talented and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for something unique, timeless and above all simply amazing.”

— Genavie Jorgensen Illiano

Special Occasion

Birthdays, anniversaries, birth of a child/new family member, graduations, milestones, lifetime achievements, a favorite vacation, a new puppy, a happy day, anything you want to celebrate!

Starting at $600

“Catherine is wonderfully inventive and easy to work with, even on something so particular as creating the perfect brooch for my wife starting with only her birthstone. My wife and I could not be more pleased and look forward to the next piece.”


Memento Boxes

Modern day trophies to commemorate life’s biggest events.

Want a shrine for your favorite memory? Like a Faberge egg, these one of a kind memento boxes are designed to hold your favorite treasure in a container specific to you, a family heirloom to be passed down for generations.

May be incorporated with custom jewelry and/or music boxes.

Starting at $2000

Heirloom Redesign

Get those inherited jewels out of the drawer and onto your body!

Turn great-aunt Betty’s jewelry into something you actually love wearing so you can remember and carry her with you always.

Starting at $400

Hammered Sinks

Get a spark of joy every time you wash your hands.

One of a kind, hand forged copper, brass, and/or silver sinks, made to fit your style.

Starting at $8000

“Our gorgeous custom sink exceeded our expectations. It’s hard to imagine that something so functional can be such a fine work of art. Visitors to our home agree wholeheartedly, and we are so glad that we decided to invest in this highly useful one-of-kind treasure.”

— Judy and Frank

Want the objects in your life to radiate depth, meaning and beauty?