Rubies - a celebration of July birthdays, 40th wedding anniversaries, courage and passion

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Rubies are an ideal stone to help you embrace the integrity and courage of a zen warrior, the passion and happiness of youth, and the wealth of nobility. 

Rubies are said to be a protective stone, helping to keep you and your possessions safe. 

This an image on the hand of a woman she is wearing a sterling silver ring with yellow gold and two rubies.  One ruby is larger than the other.

These dramatically, deep, pinkish red gemstones are traditional totems for those born in July and anyone celebrating a 40th wedding anniversary. 

What a fantastic and beautiful reminder of love and life! 


I love this quote from Judy Hall's book, The Crystal Bible:

"[Ruby] encourages 'following your bliss'. This stone is a powerful shield against psychic attack and vampirism of heart energy." 

Woah! We all need that kind of protection, regardless of what we're celebrating. 

Ruby is my favorite pink stone for its deep rich color. 

his image has two profiles of the same necklace. The back of the necklace is completely hammered sterling silver. And the front of the necklace has a Ruby encrusted in the necklace.

In the necklaces above, one 3mm ruby contrasts the bright silver, similar to an emblem that wards off the evil eye in some cultures, it embraces the protective power of rubies. Another version adds clarity of purpose provided by a 2mm recycled diamond, doubling your gemstone power. 

In the ring below, I set a 3mm ruby next to a 2mm anthill garnet to highlight the subtle variations in hue between pink stones and capture the feelings of prosperity and passion that ruby imbues. 

This is an image of a sterling silver ring with yellow gold and two ruby gems.  One ruby gem is larger than the other.

I use rubies from Wyoming in my jewelry, sourced from a supplier who only sells fair-mined and fair-trade gems. I prefer their raw earthy tones and depth of color paired with a healthy conscience. 

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I'd love to know what you think!

What is your favorite thing about rubies? Comment below!


Catherine Grisez

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