Unexpected benefits and uses for lavender and a delicious Lavender Lemonade recipe you can make at home

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One of the joys of summer in Washington is lavender.

Lavender farms are an aromatic and visually stunning treat for the senses.

Even just walking around the neighborhood, lavender bushes abound, along with the fantastic colors and fragrant smells that accompany them. Can you smell it?! 

lavender enamelware bowl handmade with copper, glass, and graphite by Seattle artist Catherine Grisez

We recently chatted with Zion over at B&B Family Lavender Farm in Sequim, Washington to bring you some fun facts about this delightful herb. 

purple lavender fields at BB Family Farm in Sequim Washington

Here is what we learned: 

What is the best way to use lavender, and the difference in using fresh or dried?
  • Fresh lavender is used for extracting into essential oil - best used topically or inhaled from a diffuser. True lavender will help you sleep at night, and offers calm and relaxing effects to reduce anxiety. They distill their own lavender oil right on the farm. 
  • Dried lavender adds the perfect flavor to drinks and baked goods, as long as it's paired correctly (Citrus is the ideal partner to lavender).  It is important to use the correct type and amount of lavender; just a hint is all you need. Zion shared his favorite recipe for lavender lemonade, using dried English Lavender. We've included the link below for the recipe so you can enjoy at home! 

Tell us one top unexpected fact about lavender: 

  • One thing that is great about lavender (as well as the mint family) is that it's a natural pest repellant, and can be used as an alternative to bug spray. Put lavender oil or mint oil on your skin and pests will leave you alone!
  • Zion's wife, Kristy formulated her own bug repellent called "Lavender Shoo Fly." This natural bug deterrent is available in their shop on the farm; they have shared it with friends & family from various parts of the country, and it has proven to work successfully!  

What is your favorite part about being a lavender farmer? 

  • Zion quickly said "Meeting people from all over the world and sharing their love and passion of the lavender farm!"  They have a map in their store (shown below) and everyone who visits the farm is invited to put a pin in the map showing where they came from.  At the beginning of each season, they start fresh with a new map. Their kids love to see the map fill up every year!  

map of visitors at BB Family Lavender Farm

If you find yourself in the area, I would definitely recommend a visit to the farm.  For more info on B&B Family Lavender Farm and that delicious lavender lemonade recipe, click here!  

In the spirit of the season, I made this enamelware bowl inspired by lavender and it's many uses. It's perfect for table spices, small treasures, and olive oil dipping. 

lavender enamelware bowl for olive oil dipping handmade by artist Catherine Grisez with CG Sculpture and Jewelry

Find this and other herb bowls here.

What herb is your favorite? Are you a lavender lover?

What edible plant would you like to see me draw on one of my handmade enamelware bowls? 

Comment below! 

Catherine Grisez

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July 28, 2021

Pansies and dandelion “puffs” would be cute on the bowls!

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