Virtual waterfall hike you can take from the comfort of a chair

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I'm off right now on my annual summer nature pilgrimage, backpacking 75 miles of the PCT. I thought it'd be fun to give you a little hiking experience too! 

Hike to the top of a waterfall with me! 

Keekwulee Falls, waterfall and evergreen mountain view from Denny Creek hike, art inspiration gathering

6 miles in 6 minutes to the top of Keekwulee waterfall, and a little beyond.

Keekwulee Falls is the Chinook word meaning to 'fall down'. Fortunately only the water was falling. We had a lovely walk through old growth forest, wildflowers, mountaintops, and waterfalls. 

There's even a little roller coaster feeling moment towards the end for you adventure seekers. 

If you've followed my work, you probably know I like to go hiking. I get a ton of inspiration from the act of walking, and even more so when it's in a beautiful setting. 

Being in nature has become a huge part of my design process. Not just for the beauty it provides but for the profound inspiration that comes from feeling connected to something bigger than myself.

You can see this prime example of how I sourced inspiration for a series of enamelware bowls from a particularly daunting hike. 


I hope you enjoy this hike experience from your comfy chair, maybe with a glass of something delicious to quench your thirst from all that 'walking'. 😁

I'd love to hear what you think of the hike... Comment Below!

Catherine Grisez

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Shannon Hughes

August 09, 2021

Love the forest/water sounds, imagery and chance to be transported into the woods for a moment. Thanks for helping establish a great start to the day. Can’t wait to get out there again with you.

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