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A year-long lesson from nature and the art it inspired

1 min read

One year ago today, my partner and I embarked on an epic journey. 

I learned more than I thought possible about myself, my abilities, and my relationship. I got inspired in unimaginable ways which helped me turn lessons I learned from nature into art I’ve created this year.  

One of my biggest take aways from backpacking/hiking 900 miles of the Appalachian Trail in 2020 was learning that I can face fear and come out the other side strong and empowered. 

Catherine Grisez hiking injuries on the Appalachian Trail

I had to fall and cry and suffer (the endless rocks were slippery!) before I came to understand that fear was just a thing I experienced and it didn’t have to define or rule me. 

Catherine Grisez river crossing while backpacking the Appalachian Trail

Looking back on this sweaty river crossing pic… it reminds me that in addition to the big hard lesson I learned above, there were countless beautiful and peaceful and curious and empowered moments. 

handmade enamelware copper and glass bowl made in Seattle paired with sunset picture over mountains that inspired the drawing

flowers and rock in nature and the silver necklace it inspired handmade in Seattle by artist Catherine Grisez with CG Sculpture and Jewelry

Today I know… I am strong. I can do hard things. I have the strength of a rock, the beauty of nature, and an inner light that keeps life juicy, always on my side. 

I hope the art these notions have inspired will remind you that you hold these same truths. You too are strong and empowered, and you have amazing inner beauty and talent that keeps life interesting.

Sometimes we just need a reminder! 


What about you?

What were you doing one year ago? How did it impact who you are now? Share in the comments! 

Catherine Grisez

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