A necklace to symbolize empowerment, strength, and inner beauty

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Eeek! I'm so excited about these! 

As I mentioned in the wax carving process here, I've been thinking about this idea since last August on the Appalachian Trail. I knew I had to capture the concept in jewelry. 

I'm thrilled to finally be making them in silver form! 

sterling silver rock necklace hand carved in wax and then cast in silver made by Seattle artist Catherine Grisez for CG Sculpture and Jewelry

After weeks of struggling with rocks (panic while climbing them, slipping on wet rocks in river crossings, and tripping over them) rocks eventually became a symbol of strength and empowerment, once I realized what I was accomplishing (backpacking 900 miles!).

Rocks = strength and empowerment

darkened sterling silver rock necklace handcrafted by artist Catherine Grisez

But we are more than strength - we are full of hidden talents and inner beauty.

When you turn over a rock, there is a treasure trove of life and activity. The little flower bloom inside the rock represents your secret inner world and the growth that comes from perseverance. 

black rock with bright silver flower necklace to symbolize strength and inner beauty handmade by artist Catherine Grisez

Secret flower bloom = inner beauty

silver rock with darkened flower bloom, a necklace to symbolize strength and inner beauty handmade by artist Catherine Grisez

Here is a video showing the final steps of completing this necklace, including setting the inner flower bloom and welding on the chain. 

There is even a version with a diamond (or 2 or 3!) to represent clarity and purpose. 

As we continue to navigate a world in which a pandemic, climate change, and political strife seem to rule - a sense of clarity and purpose helps us to trust our inner voice and persevere through challenges. 

diamond and silver rock necklace to represent strength and inner beauty by artist Catherine Grisez

This jewelry represents your ability to get through tough times, a reminder of your tenacity to power through but also your warmth and grace in the process. 

I'm very excited to share these with you! I'll be rolling out very limited quantities of different designs as I make them. 

Get yourself a symbol of strength

Catherine Grisez

4 Responses


May 25, 2021

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Carol Clifford

May 17, 2021

CG, I love the direction and powerful message in this new work!

Marcia Battles

May 15, 2021

Wwhat a perfect time for empowerment!!


May 15, 2021

Would be empowering for myself & my daughter

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