A little stud earring to go with your Rock empowerment necklace

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As mentioned here in the making and inspiration of, and here in the debut of the rock necklace - I walked 900 miles to get over a fear of rocks until I turned them into a symbol of strength, and eventually - jewelry. 

Inside the rock are little flowers. A handcarved wax bloom I made and had cast in silver and gold to symbolize our secret talents and inner beauty. 

handcrafted silver rock pendant with inner flower bloom to represent strength and inner beauty by seattle artist Catherine Grisez

But every necklace needs earrings too, right?! 

I carved additional tiny treasures to go with this necklace. Symbols of how our perseverance leads to growth and prosperity. 

sawing wax block into future tiny flower that will be cast in metal handcrafted jewelry by Catherine Grisez

The pieces start as a large block of solid wax. First step is to saw out a smaller part to work from. 

Then I rough out a shape with a hand file, carve with burs in the flex shaft (similar to a flexible hand held drill), and finish by delicately hand carving the details with dental tools.

hand carved wax flower to be cast in metal, handcrafted by seattle artist Catherine GrisezWhen my hands start to cramp up from the detailed carving process, I amuse myself by taking selfies in my optivisor - the magnification I now rely on heavily to see tiny parts (thanks aging process!). 

Catherine Grisez wearing optivisor at the work bench carving little wax flowers to be cast in silver and gold

Once I have the finished wax (master part), I bring it to the caster who has a shop up the hill from my studio here in Seattle.

Casting is a specialized process that involves a lot of tools and time I can't quite fit into my studio practice. It includes making molds from my master parts, transforming that wax into metal through the lost wax casting process, and often grinding off excess sprues and sanding/polishing to get the finished piece in silver or gold. 

For these super tiny parts, I get them back from the caster with 4 little flowers attached to one sprue. I then need to cut them apart, sand down and polish the excess silver before soldering on the post, turning them into functional earrings. 

and Voila! 

The finished earrings are tiny and precious and charming and easy to wear all day. 

darkened silver succulent stud earring, tiny flower hand carved by artist Catherine Grisez

 silver succulent stud earring, tiny flower hand carved by artist Catherine Grisez

I've made them in solid precious metals (no plating or fill) so even sensitive ears will love them.

They are available in: sterling silver, darkened sterling silver, or 14k solid yellow gold. 

14k gold or sterling silver or darkened sterling silver little succulent stud earrings handmade by artist Catherine Grisez

Purchase your very own pair

and check out the Rock Necklace

Catherine Grisez

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August 26, 2021

I am really impressed by your way of presenting the article. Thank you for sharing this great article.

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