A necklace reminder of your strength and power, unique to you

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As you've probably heard me mention, last year I spent 5 months of the pandemic with a 35# backpack strapped to my back, hiking 60% of the Appalachian Trail. 

I learned a lot from those 900 miles of walking - primarily from rocks. As I mentioned here, what started as a source of terror eventually turned into symbols of strength. 

I first turned that symbol into the Strength Necklace and Amplified Strength Necklace (with diamonds!)

And now I'm excited to introduce the Power Strength Necklace

This version is larger with an intricately carved flower bloom on the reverse.  

Check out this video to see how I made it...


I believe we all have innate inner strength. Sometimes we lose track of it and need a reminder. 

That is why I created this Strength Collection - so we have a physical reminder of our tenacity - the fortitude that gets us through life. But more than that, what makes your strength unique is your juicy inner life - the surprise treasures that are exclusive to you; your inner wisdom, charm, and quirks. 

Inspired by the power of nature to show us our inner strengths

 rock ridge and dahlia garden, beauty in nature inspiring art

I carved the outer rock first:

hand carved wax rock to symbolize strength, later cast in silver, handmade in Seattle

Then I fit the inner flower bloom and started roughing out the pattern (yes, those are old dental tools that I got at a flea market eons ago which I use for carving):

hand carved wax rock and flowers to be cast in silver for sustainable necklace symbolizing strength, handmade in Seattle

I continued carving until I had the flower bloom details glowing

flower bloom carved in wax by hand in Seattle for sustainable silver necklace to symbolize strength

The next step is casting. I don't have the equipment for this process so I work with a couple who own a casting shop here in Seattle for that part. 

recycled sterling silver large rock and flower bloom strength power necklace handmade in Seattle by artist Catherine Grisez

Once I got the silver parts back, I soldered on prongs so that I could set the flower bloom into the rock, while maintaining the contrasting polished and darkened finishes. 

I'm thrilled with the results!  

sterling silver power necklace with rock and flower bloom

I've made this power necklace with a bright silver rock, inset with darkened silver flower bloom. Or with a darkened silver rock, inset with a bright silver flower bloom. 

Either version is the perfect reminder of your strength created from your inner unique traits that make you authentically powerful. 

darkened silver rock and flower bloom rock necklace, sustainably handmade in Seattle with recycled silver

This power necklace is bigger and weightier than the original Strength Necklace. Both pack an impressive visual punch, the size depends on your personal preference. 

large and small sterling silver strength rock necklace handmade in Seattle USA

I was recently in Ohio visiting family so I took advantage of the opportunity to take some photos with my sister-in-law. 

While she ended up choosing the smaller Strength Necklace to own for herself, as a petite woman she still rocked the Power version. 

strength rock necklaces, large and small side by side comparison

I'm so excited about this series, but especially this new Power Necklace

I hope that when you wear it, you will always be reminded of your ability to power through whatever life throws your way, because you are full of potent intrinsic treasures. 

Get a jewelry reminder of your STRENGTH

Catherine Grisez

2 Responses

Catherine Grisez

October 07, 2021

Carol, this sentiment makes me smile. I’m so happy your necklace offers meaning and connection to carry you through the day; always keeping the memory of your mother close to your heart.

Carol Clifford

October 06, 2021

Catherine, your writing is just lovely and this series is meaningful. When I wear the smaller version (strength with splendor) I always feel a special connection to my mother who was my rock and always made feel like a treasure.

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