Which is your favorite silver ring?

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I made two new silver rings inspired by the strangeness of our times.

Help me choose which one to enter in Danaca Design’s Battle of the Rings.

Vote for your favorite - A or B in the comments below!

bright silver and blue gemstone cloud ring vs black silver spring bloom ring - ring smackdown

I made these rings in response to the Coronvirus pandemic, the roller coaster of feelings it has brought, and a desire to channel that energy into something positive.

A - Blue Skies Come Back Eventually

sterling silver and chalcedony gemstone.

Inspired by the notion that no matter what kind of dark, diseased, or uncertain times we live in, eventually the storm breaks and we see blue skies again.

sterling silver and blue chalcedony ring called Blue Skies Come Back, inspired by coronavirus pandemic

Blue Chalcedony gemstone set in bubbly sterling silver setting. Ring inspired by Covid !9 and made for Battle of the Rings

backside of sterling silver cloud ring set with blue chalcedony faceted gemstone

B - Spring Despite Covid

oxidized sterling silver

Inspired by the strange contrast of beautiful, colorful spring blooms popping up everywhere, while at the same time we’re stuck in isolation, fear, and uncertainty as the world struggles through the Coronavirus pandemic.

darkened sterling silver ring - flowering spring blooms contrast in dark metal. inspired by Covid 19 pandemic, shelter in place, and anxiety of the time

spring blooms in dark sterling silver circle flower power ring, inspired by stress, anxiety and fear contrasted with beautiful spring flowers popping up everywhere during coronavirus pandemic

hammered silver spring bloom ring in black sterling silver

What do you think? A or B?

Vote for your favorite in the comments below…


18 Responses


March 07, 2021

A is my favorite


March 07, 2021

B ❤️❤️❤️Love them both but B looks like it could be defensive jewelry which I always like ❤️

Sarah Selman

March 07, 2021

Yikes! Too hard to decide…
My initial thought is B


March 07, 2021

B, definitely!


March 07, 2021

Tough one. Both are intriguing and I love how dramatically different they are. B has a Game of Thrones vibe which could appeal to at-home nerds but I keep going back to A. I like the additional color and agree with Jessie about the softness and energy. Plus, it looks like a puffy pastry. So, A for me.

Carol Nye

March 07, 2021

A! I love them both but love the color popping out of the rubble. Good luck.

Cristal Piero

March 07, 2021

A is my pick! Good luck!


March 07, 2021

A for sure!!!

Lana Davis

March 07, 2021

A. It has a uplifting and positive message that we all need right now. I feel it’s still your style as this reminds me of your sculptural pieces


March 07, 2021

A for sure! I love how soft you made the metal look. It’s alive and energetic.

Ted Dreger

March 07, 2021

I really like B, though both are great

Aunt Patty

March 07, 2021

Probably B but both are beautiful


March 07, 2021


Donna D.

March 07, 2021

Definitely ring style "B"

Lisa Baker

March 07, 2021

B, definitely. It also is more your style, so many graceful lines and curves.

Paul Jonuska

March 07, 2021

I like A

Melissa Moffett

March 07, 2021



March 07, 2021


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