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Why blue gemstones are the best way to celebrate Mom on Mother's Day

2 min read

Why blue?

Blue is the color of the sky, the sea, exotic butterflies, delicate bluebells, and delicious berries.

amazonite, apatite gemstone sterling silver necklace with blue clusters

It brings with it the memory of relaxing calm on a beautiful clear summer afternoon, the thrill of jumping in the ocean’s waves, the gasp of delight that comes with unexpected fluttering beauty, the sweet pleasure of seeing flowers in the wild, and delectable sensations of sweet tart flavors bursting in your mouth.

dangle gemstone earrings with apatite and amazonite gemstones. charming and pleasing to the eye. Lightweight earrings easy to wear all day

Amazonite is the gemstone of peace and harmony. It’s helpful in bringing clarity and facilitates calm in meditation. The soft beauty of this blue gemstone brings to mind all the benefits of a clear blue sky and a moment with Mom relaxing in the sun in the backyard or at the park.

Delicate necklace with a punch. Aqua and light blue color gemstones with sterling silver cluster necklace. Adjustable necklace length. Great for everyday fashion with yoga pants and a t-shirt or pretty up a summer dress with this accessory

Apatite is the aqua colored gemstone that facilitates wisdom and communication and opens the mind to inspiration and insight. This stone brings to mind alluring ocean riddled vacation days. Mom is the best at gathering everyone together to enjoy a day at the beach.

easy to wear blue gemstone earrings great for casual everyday fashion. Dress up a t-shirt or yoga pants with sterling silver, apatite, amazonite dangle earrings with french ear wire.

Clusters of these beautiful blue gemstones bring to mind the happy flavors of summer berries and the fun had together while enjoying them. Not so much for their exact shade of blue but for the shape.

Who else has fond memories of berry picking with Mom? When I was young, I remember countless hours of running around the wilderness behind our house, spearheaded by Mom and with siblings and friends, all required to fill a container with blackberries that were later transformed into a myriad of treats.

These warm summer days were full of unexpected colorful butterflies and sweet clusters of little bluebell flowers, pointed out by Mom, at the entrance to the woods across the creek.

While you may not share these exact memories with your mom, I bet the color blue shines on some fond moments with her.

blue gemstone cluster necklace. aqua colored apatite, and light blue amazonite pair with sterling silver to make a lightweight wearable necklace perfect for summer fashion

Moms work so hard… they are often the glue of the family, making sure everyone is well cared for and loved and supported through life.

Mom should always have a talisman to remind her of sweet family memories but also a connection to self through the healing powers of these blue gemstones.

You can get this necklace and earrings on their own.

OR… get them combined with other fantastic handmade goods made by fellow women owned, Seattle, small businesses. I’ve collaborated with Orange House Press and Wren’s Culinary Salt to create these fun, limited edition packages. This is the last week to get them so don’t wait!

I’d love to hear about a favorite Mom memory of yours in the comments below!


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