Transformative spices, a sea otter, and still the best gift for Mom - Introducing Wren's Culinary Salt!

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As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m super excited to team up with two of my favorite women owned small businesses to bring you unique handmade Mother’s Day gift sets.

I wanted to create a fun, tangible, hold-in-your-hand distraction in this unusual time of virtual connection. Mom’s especially deserve a treat now more than ever!

It was a no brainer when thinking about who to ask to join me in making these gift sets - Wren Crosleycone of Wren’s Culinary Salts and Carol Clifford of Orange House Press were obvious uber-talented choices.

I’ve known these phenomenal ladies for some time, we’ve done shows together, neighborhood walks, and I’m their #1 fan. I shared insight into Carol’s work and creative spirit here.

Today, I introduce Wren Crosleycone of Wren’s Culinary Salt and World Pizza fame…

Wren Crosleycone making special batch artisanal salt at World Pizza in Seattle WA

Wren Crosleycone making special batch artisanal salt at World Pizza in Seattle WA

Let’s just say I’m positively addicted to Wren’s spice blends. I use her salts and peppers on almost every meal and they make everything delicious!

I tend to get pretty lazy when cooking everyday meals and focus mostly on simply prepared protein and vegetables. Thank goodness for Wren’s garlic pepper… it makes everything taste wonderful. (I’ve mentioned it before, like how good it was in this meal.)

Wren’s Culinary salt - Lemon Pepper. Enamelware, orange and turquoise bitty bowl. Salad with olive oil and lemon drizzle topped with artisanal small batch lemon pepper and salt

I eat salad almost every day for lunch. For the dressing I drizzle on a little olive oil and lemon or vinegar and then sprinkle with one of Wren’s salt or peppers or both. A personal favorite is the Lemon Pepper.

And while we’re on the topic of food… who else is craving all sorts of comfort food during this pandemic??! Popcorn is my go to comfort food. My air popper broke so now I pop it on the stove top in a pan with a little oil. What really makes it delicious is Wren’s Lemon Lemon Salt or Grapefruit Citrus Salt. Such a great treat for movie night! (If you like chips with a hint of lime, you’ll especially love this combo)

(ps - you can find the sweet enamelware bowls I use here.)

grapefruit citrus salt by Wren’s Culinary Salt on popcorn. Two tone enamelware Bitty Bowl on maple base. Movie night treat

I asked Wren some questions to help us get to know her….

If you could be any animal, which would you be and why?

If I was an animal I would want to be an otter. The way they are so playful and comfortable in water but mostly because they hold hands when they sleep. (I know it sounds sappy...they are so cute and really kinda vicious with their sharp claws and teeth)

What inspires you to do what you do?

I love making our culinary salt, I make them right along side my husband making pizza in our pizza shop , we always have our refrigerators filled with fresh ingredients for both the pizza and the salt. I enjoy talking with the customers serving them pizza and talking about salt.

What’s your favorite coping mechanism during times of stress, like the current Covid 19 pandemic? 

In times of stress I go swimming.. so Covid-19 has been particularly challenging. We cannot interact with customers, our staff who are like family, or the other businesses in the area, we miss people so very much. It has forced me to find new ways to calm my mind. Everyday we write down four things with our kids: 1. Do one thing for yourself, 2. Do One thing for your Family, 3. Do one thing for our pets , 4. Do one thing for your community...everyday. This is helping us stay present and try to do what we can even if it is small.


You can’t go wrong with any of Wren’s salts or peppers (seriously, I love them all!), but the 3 chosen for our gift sets are exceptional.

Here they are with Wren’s explanation of the inspiration behind the recipes.

Mama Dragon salt - Wren’s Culinary Salt, fantastic blend to spice up any meal

Mama~Dragon Salt was made after I made the Dragon salt. Dragon salt is spicy and the name Dragon is meant as a respectful nod to the Chinatown neighborhood where we make it. I wanted to make a spicier version of the Dragon salt and Mamas being the fiercest creatures there are...I named the hotter version Mama~Dragon, it is a blend of jalapeño peppers, habanero peppers and a touch of ghost peppers marinated and roasted with Himalayan salt.

Grapefruit citrus salt - Wren’s Culinary Salt. delicious salt blend, perfect on salad, popcorn, steamed vegetables, anything really.

Grapefruit-Citrus Salt: I love ruby red grapefruit...specifically the ruby red grapefruit from the Rio Grande Valley which we get at the peak of the season to begin our marination process. These salts marinate for ten months before we begin our roasting process. It brings out the special brightness of the citrus and blends really well with the minerals of Himalayan salt in a beautiful and flavorful way. It is a must for our bbq season (or as the finishing touch to roasted asparagus)

Lemon Pepper - Wren’s Culinary Salt. artisanal small batch citrusy pepper blend delicious on all foods

Lemon Pepper: I wanted to make a not-so-spicy but flavorful pepper. I have been loving the citrus salts so I came up with a version of Lemon Pepper, it has a peppery kick but not spicy with the fresh citrus of organic lemons.


Don’t Wren’s spices sound delicious?!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do in our unique handmade gift sets.


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