Why rainbows and wildflowers? Enamelware bowls to ease your soul

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Sometimes I struggle with the darkness. 

Both physically (I live in Seattle where grey winters can be oppressive) and metaphorically (existence and the state of the world can also be oppressive). 

It can be hard to look back on sunnier days and see flowers in color. Life feels like a neutral grey, clouding every thought. 

But… vibrant hues come back eventually.

Technicolor moments appear when you least expect them. And when life feels monochromatic, a burst of color reminds us that life is full of joy and curiosity when we’re open to it. 

This thought process is what inspired the Flower Bowl Collection

Plus, rainbows and flowers keep life beautiful and interesting. 

one of a kind hand drawn black and white wildflowers and colorful rainbows in handcrafted copper and glass enamel bowls, made in USA Seattle

To me, rainbows represent hope, equality, love, and joy.
Everyone deserves a love filled life. Now more than ever. 

Wildflowers are bright sparks of happiness when I’m hiking. They provide delight and a reprieve from painful, arduous climbs.

The first rainbow flower bowl I made was a custom piece in honor of a family friend who died suddenly from Covid. Something I know many people have suffered in the past few years. 

marigold rainbow copper and glass enamelware bowl handmade in USA Seattle

The marigold is a flower beloved by the wife and the full rainbow was seen shortly after her husband’s passing, a reminder to the whole family that his memory lives on.

The combination of black and white flowers; a stark reminder that life is beautiful but fragile, paired with a burst of color from rainbows, symbolizes the hope and love, that although may seem fleeting, are always with us. 

Here are some of the newer flowers I've captured in bowls...

dahlia flower drawn with rainbow in a copper and glass enamelware bowl, one of a kind art inspired by nature, handcrafted in Seattle USA


Used by the Aztecs to treat epilepsy, the stems used as straws, and roots as a food source, the mighty Dahlia has a long history of productive use beyond simple beauty.

With many symbolic meanings including wealth, elegance, and love, this flower can be helpful beyond simple aesthetics (though it's beloved for it's looks as well). 

It's considered a representation of balance between relaxation and adventure, following your own unique path, and staying kind despite life's challenges, to name a few.


columbine wildflower bowl, one of a kind handmade copper and glass enamelware bowl, handcrafted in Seattle USA


Columbines are said to have a latin root that means eagle. Ancient Greeks attributed it to Aphrodite, the Goddess of love. And Celtics believe they are a portal to the world of dreams and visions.

Also considered a symbol of faith, hope, and love; no matter what it makes you think of, this flower is a stunning weirdo. They make me endlessly happy every time I see them in the wild. 


thistle flower bowl, one of a kind, copper and glass enamelware bowl, handcrafted in Seattle USA


The thistle flower is prickly and aggressive in its unique form of beauty. Called the herb of witches, it has many medicinal and nutritional benefits - once even considered a remedy for the plague (hear that pfizer and moderna?!) 

It has had both positive and negative connotations; with Victorian times using it as a symbol to warn against meddling, and Celtics as a symbol of bravery and determination.

Overall it is a wonderful totem to represent overcoming adversity. 


trillium flower bowl, one of a kind, copper and glass enamelware bowl, handcrafted in Seattle USA


I've heard if you step on a Trillium, it's takes 7 years for them to grow back and flower again. 

A fitting metaphor for pandemic years, this delicate flower is said to symbolize beauty and recovery.

A reminder that our own fragility is imminent and to appreciate what we have in the moment. 


fireweed wildflower bowl, one of a kind handmade copper and glass enamelware bowl, handcrafted in Seattle USA


One of the first plants to proliferate after a forest fire, fireweed is a lovely symbol of regeneration and resilience. When I've hiked through areas devastated by wildfires, the glorious pink fireweed set against charred black tree stumps, gives me hope and reminds me that sometimes renewal requires desolation.  It can be hard to see light without darkness and vice versa - one gives us an appreciation for the other. 

While backpacking section J of the PCT I became particularly smitten with the details of this flower, the way it ages up the stem from flower to flower and the curling of its stamen were fascinating. I wanted to capture this unusual aspect of the flower.

There is much beauty and healing metaphors in the odd curiosities of nature. 

These are just a few of the amazing flowers I've been enjoying drawing and fusing into copper bowls. 


 See the Collection, rainbow flower enamelware bowl collection


Each of these bowls is a unique labor of love.

First I hammer the copper into bowl shapes, fuse with powdered glass in a 1500 degree kiln, then draw the flowers and rainbows with special enamel pencils by hand directly on the bowls. Each is then fired several more times, fusing a clear coat of class over the drawing, essentially embedding the one of a kind designs into layers of glass. 

See the whole process unfold here:


And in case you need inspiration on ways to use these fantastic one of a kind bowls in your home check out this, and this

I personally love them in the kitchen for table spices or the bedroom for jewelry.

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Catherine Grisez

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