Ocean vs Sound and the mood changing benefits of color

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I recently had a getaway on the California coast with my backpacking crew (3 amazing nature lovin' ladies!)

Catherine at the coast in California, hiking and gathering inspiration for future art and jewelry 

Seeing the ocean there reminded me of how much color changes perspective. 

Here in the PNW the water is often steely grey vs the deep blues and greens I saw down there. 

I love both shades equally, but they affect me in different ways. 

Carmel CA ocean vs Seattle Puget Sound, water inspiration photos and color comparison

As reported in this CNN article, color can make us less violent, more alert, happier, or more attractive, depending on the hue.

Color can affect our mood - it lifts us up when we're feeling down and adds a moment of reflection or joy when we're stuck in a routine.

In the case of my two water examples above, both bring joy but the mood varies. 

Sunny bright blue/greens = playful light heartedness
Steely grey blue/greens = serene sense of well-being

One of the things people tell me they love about my Bitty Bowls and the sweet spoons that pair with them - the color makes them happy, brings them joy. 

The handmade bowls add a fun pop of color to your table without being overbearing. 

a collage of colorful copper and glass enamelware bowls, handcrafted in Seattle USA by artist Catherine Grisez

Part of the enjoyment is picking a spoon color to coordinate with each bowl. 

And, since we're talking about water...
Here's the one of a kind, Coral Reef Bowl from my Landscape Collection

I made this series of hand drawn and painted, one of kind bowls to add a bit of functional art to your day - bringing the pleasures of nature indoors. 

which spoon color do you like better? Chartruese or grey with the coral reef one of a kind enamelware bowl

Which color spoon would you pick?! 

A or B?

Comment Below! 

Or maybe you'd go a totally different direction? 
Check out the full rainbow, handmade in little delights. 

It can be challenging to pick, but it's also a lot of fun.
Kind of like solving a puzzle - when it's the right combo, you just know it. 

I'm always happy to provide pictures, meet on zoom, or help you pick in person if you're not quite sure which color spoon you want with your bowl. 

Email me anytime to discuss! 

Well?? Which color do you like with the Coral Reef Bowl?!
Comment Below!

Catherine Grisez

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Arda Clark

March 07, 2022



March 07, 2022

A. Unless I was attempting to be classy I would always choose the bright color. The green hue with that dreamy bowl makes me smile. The black spoon with the bowl is lovely, but for someone else. 🤩

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