What makes garnet an amazing birthstone? And the best January birthday gift?

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My birthday is in January so garnets are my birthstone. 

To be honest, I thought they weren’t my favorite. (I'm quite partial to deep pinks and aquas)
Of all the bazillion gemstones out there, why was I born to the garnet month? 

But then I found out something amazing…

Garnet is a powerhouse of passion, courage, and inspiration. 

Even when it comes in a tiny package.

tiny succulent gemstone post earring handcrafted in sterling silver and garnet

Plus it comes in multiple shades of red (among other varieties that come in pink, orange, greens, and browns).

handcrafted silver and garnet succulent plant post earring, nature inspired jewelry for art lovers, handmade in Seattle USA

I make the sweet Birthstone Succulent Earring above or its accompaniment birthstone Strength Droplet Necklace with anthill garnet - a lovely deep red with ruby undertones.

My initial introduction to garnet was of the brownish red variety that seemed a little dull. But since then I’ve found many red garnets with striking depth and brilliance. 

 red ombre gemstone necklace with garnet and mixed stones, handcrafted in Seattle WA

Garnets have a long history in jewelry and as talismans. Necklaces have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs, and they were valued by Ancient Greeks and Romans in signet rings.


  • Stimulate metabolism. 
  • Help control anger towards oneself.
  • Spark courage in crisis. 
  • Trigger self confidence.
  • Inspire intuition and reflection
  • Traveler’s version of a rabbit’s foot - they help you find your way (garnet was even considered a torch or glowing light in many ancient stories). 

I’m pretty sure those ancient civilizations were on to something! 

Now I'm thrilled to call garnet my birthstone.
That extra dose of confidence and courage (and beauty!) will come in handy all year. 

Since January is often a time of reflection and renewal for many, garnet adds power to propel us with conviction into the new year.

And, garnet is the traditional gift for your 2nd wedding anniversary. This deep red stone is a wonderful representation of the passion and love that keeps a marriage ticking. 

Check out these handcrafted garnet jewels (like the necklace above) and more gemstone friends.


These, these, and these - the best modern birthstone jewelry gifts for every month.

Catherine Grisez

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