Best earrings for summer travel

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Loving all this sunshine! 

Summer is the best time to be in the Pacific Northwest - it's completely gorgeous everywhere you look. 

Sparkling water + majestic mountains + colorful flowers 

It's a fun time to get out and explore.

That usually means backpacking for me. But this year an achilleas injury is preventing my usual outings, instead freeing up time for boating and road trips. 

And since I can wear more jewelry on these kind of adventures, I thought it'd be fun to show you my favorites. 

I'll have a necklace round-up for you soon, but this week, let's talk earrings...

Here are the best earrings for your sunny summer travels

nature inspired, artist made earrings, perfect pairing for multiple piercings, handcrafted in Seattle USA

For a day of sunny boating...

artist made, nature inspired, tiny succulent diamond earring, handcrafted in Seattle USA

These minimal earrings are fantastic for an outing on the water.

You don't have to worry about anything snagging in the ropes or catching on your sun hat strap. 

tiny diamond earrings, inspired by nature, succulent studs for multiple piercings, handcrafted in Seattle USA

Plus the diamonds absolutely shine in the sun. As the light hits, the sparkle adds extra umph to the beauty of you and your jewelry. 

I make them in solid sterling silver or 14k yellow gold with recycled, certified G-I, S1 genuine diamonds. (They are also available with various birthstones)

Is your boat more the yacht variety? 

14k yellow gold, diamond, black silver flower burst stud earring. Handmade jewelry inspired by nature, handcrafted in Seattle by artist Catherine Grisez

You'll want to up the anti with this one of a kind, gold version of the diamond succulent studs.

These sweet beauties are down to earth charming with just the right amount of fancy flash.  


For a hot day at the beach (or pool)... 

The earring choices above are also great for sunbathing. But sometimes I get nervous wearing my diamonds in the water. 

I worry the chlorine will affect the finish (pool water eventually turns polished silver black) or if one falls off in the ocean, it's gone forever. 

Bring on the oxidized silver stud. 

nature inspired little stud earring, succulent post, handcrafted in Seattle USA

Perfect small earrings that...

  • won't rub against sweaty skin
  • easy maintenance (no worries about the finish since they are already black)
  • black is always slimming 😉
  • black looks great with any color swim suit

These are also available in polished sterling silver or 14k yellow gold if blackened silver is not your thing. 

simple succulent stud earrings, handcrafted in Seattle USA by artist Catherine Grisez in solid polished or darkened sterling silver and 14k yellow gold


When you're getting your nature fix...

When out in wilderness, especially hiking, my friends and I love to wear these little hug studs. 

mini leaf hug earring, handcrafted in Seattle by artist Catherine Grisez, inspired by volcano hike

The little leaf design was inspired by the resilience of nature (tiny plants thrive in unhospitable rocks and sidewalks). So they are a great reminder that you can power through when the hike gets hard. (learn more about the epic hike that inspired them)

Plus they have the added benefits of the succulent earrings above - they don't snag on things easily (like your backpack) or rub against sweaty skin. 

 bright silver mini leaf hug earring, handcrafted jewelry made in Seattle

When it's time for happy hour... 

Here's where things get deliciously exciting!

Cocktail hour and vacation dinners are the best break from the norm of routine. It's fun to get dressed up and embrace the late evening light. Plus, the conversations are more lively than during regular life so it's great to have conversation starter jewelry. 

If you have multiple piercings, these also work fantastically with the earrings above, making it easy to get more out of the limited jewelry selections you bring on your vacation. 

Earring stacks for the win!

nature inspired artist made earrings for summer travel, handcrafted long leaf silver and diamond succulent earrings made in Seattle USA

These long leaf post earrings are fun to wear with either succulents or leaf hugs. 

polished or darkened solid sterling silver long leaf post earrings, handcrafted in Seattle USA by artist Catherine Grisez

The Strength Cascade earrings below are a fun way to show off your unique nature loving side. 

cascading flowers emerge from a silver rock, symbol of strength earrings, handcrafted in Seattle by artist Catherine Grisez

If I'm going for simple, I love these rock drop earrings. 

darkened silver rock drop earrings paired with little succulent stud in second piercing, handcrafted nature inspired jewelry made in Washington State

Also available in polished silver...

solid sterling silver handmade art jewelry inspired by nature. Rock droplets paired with tiny succulent plant post earrings


So many weddings and making up for lost pandemic time parties...

Pearls are a classic and although they look great anytime of year, feel especially fitting in the summer.

These pearl and gemstone chandelier earrings add just the right amount elegance to any party dress. 

A friend tells me she feels like a glamorous rock start when she wears them. 

pearl and moonstone chandelier earrings are the perfect party earring, handcrafted in Seattle

When I'm feeling girlie and want to match a patterned sundress, these pods always look great.

14k gold vermeil pod earrings, jewelry inspired by nature in abstract shapes, handcrafted in Seattle

artist made jewelry from Seattle - handcrafted sterling silver pod earrings 

Which pair is your favorite?
Comment below!

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Catherine Grisez

4 Responses

Catherine Grisez

July 19, 2022

@Jody – I’m so thrilled to hear you are loving your pearls! So sweet to hear.


July 19, 2022

Love the pearls. I wear mine every chance I get and I always get great comments about them from my friends!

Catherine Grisez

July 13, 2022

@Megan – I’m glad you are enjoying your little hug earrings! I think you’d also love the pods… super fun to wear!

Megan Aumiller

July 13, 2022

The little hug studs are my first choice when I want to wear earrings but keep it simple. Those pods would be great for stepping it up.

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