Favorite necklaces for summer travel and BBQ parties

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Despite Covid lasting 1 million years, BBQ's and summer travel are ON! 

As I mentioned here, I love to bring earrings on summer vacation because they...

  • are small and easy to carry
  • don't rub against sweaty skin in the heat
  • work for all sorts of travel events from the woods to wedding parties 

But sometimes a girl really needs a necklace to get in the right mood. 

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite necklaces that are easy to travel with and wear in the heat. 

silver and gold rock necklaces symbolizing surprise strength and beauty, made in Seattle

Reversible = Versatility... 

nature inspired art jewelry symbolizing strength and surprises within, handmade silver and diamond necklace made in Seattle

Reversible necklaces are great for so many reasons, but especially when traveling because you only have to carry one piece to get two looks. 

The Strength rock necklace series is perfect for this very reason.

Not only are they packed with meaning and reminders of how your inner world gives you strength (always helpful for the stresses of travel), they are fun to wear on either side and provide options for different outfits. 

I make this piece in 2 sizes. 

small and large versions of the Strength Rock reversible necklace in polished and darkened sterling silver, handmade in Seattle by artist Catherine Grisez

I'm kind of busty and have a constellation of freckles on my chest so I prefer bigger necklaces that pack more of a punch. I love to wear the larger version of this necklace because it stands out more. 

This large version also looks great on petite people as seen here on my beautiful sister-in-law...

large Strength Rock necklace, artist made in Seattle with recycled sterling silver

The smaller Strength Rock Necklace adds a delightful finishing touch to any sundress. And if you go with the diamond version, when they catch sunlight, it truly sparkles. 

Either way, a necklace with a simplified face and opposing detailed side provides more versatility to go with multiple outfits and moods. 


Wear it everyday...

 handcrafted silver, diamond, and colored gemstone or birthstone necklace. Strength rock droplet necklace handmade in Seattle with recycled silver

I'm a bit of a delicate flower when it comes to extreme heat. Here in the Pacific Northwest where the median temperature is in the 60's I melt when it's above 75 degrees. 

When it's really hot, I'll be honest - I don't wear much jewelry. 
But sometimes, special events call for it and it makes me feel good to put on favorite jewels, no matter the temperature. 

On these days, I forgo my usual desire for bigger pieces and pick something light and wearable. 

darkened sterling silver small rock droplet necklace handcrafted in Seattle by artist Catherine Grisez

Lightweight and small jewelry means less metal touching your skin, and less weight on your body.

Both helpful when it's sweaty out. 

Julie wearing silver Strength droplet peridot necklace with glass of rose wine outside

A small piece is fantastic for travel because you can wear it the whole time, instead of packing multiple pieces. 

The Strength Rock Droplet has both benefits of being everyday wearable, and reversible for versatility. 

front and back of strength rock droplet necklace with diamond and blue sapphire, artist made in Seattle

You can wear the simple textured side to match anything, or turn it around to reveal the diamond and colored gemstone on the opposite side to add extra sparkle to your outfit (and mood!). 

It's great to have choices when traveling, especially if you can only bring one necklace and still get variety. 


Unique in a Crowd... 

 darkened silver and 14k yellow gold, one of a kind, artist made necklaces handcrafted in Seattle

When wearing jewelry in the summer, my primary focus is...

  1. Low maintanence
  2. Unique design

5 little leaves darkened silver necklace, handcrafted by artist CG in Seattle

Summer heat, sunlight exposure, and added humidity can speed up tarnishing affects on sterling silver jewelry. Not to mention added chemicals on your skin with sunblock and lotions. 

Enter... one of a kind and darkened sterling silver! 

Darkened Sterling silver: 

  • is less affected by the increased light and moisture of summer
  • already dark, so no need to polish
  • pops against most skin tones
  • ages beautifully like a fine antique, instead of looking dirty like tarnished silver

Though a darkened finish can eventually wear off, it tends to have a beautiful aged patina either way. (and can usually be re-darkened if needed, just ask!) 


One of a Kind Designs:

  • ensure you won't have a 'who wore it best' moment at your cousins wedding
  • are excellent conversation starters - someone will inevitably ask about it, and how fun to talk about your artist made jewelry you love to wear! 
  • Organic, nature inspired designs look amazing with floral sundresses


one of a kind, darkened silver, nature inspired, artist made organic necklace, handcrafted in Seattle

Bits of solid 14k yellow gold add another dimension of versatility and uniqueness.

It'll go with your gold rings but maintain a unique element of surprise. 

one of a kind darkened sterling silver and 14k yellow gold, inspired by nature, edgy design, artist made necklace 

As always, I make all of my necklaces adjustable up to 2" in length so they accommodate a variety of necklines and body types.

As I make each piece by hand, I'm always happy to make length adjustments for you... just email me at c@catherinegrisez.com to find out more. 

Pick out your favorite...

Shop necklaces

Now it's your turn...

What's your go to necklace when you travel? 

What are you wearing to your next summer BBQ? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts... 
Comment below! 


Catherine Grisez

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