Versatile rainbow necklace to celebrate love

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There are a few things I feel pretty strongly about, and the freedom to love who you choose is high on the list. 

I believe in equality for all. Love is LOVE. 

Nothing screams love better than a rainbow.

What better symbol than a gradient of color to share pride in equality. Not to mention their power to perk us up on a cloudy day. 

rainbow love silver and gemstone gradient necklaces

Because life can be pretty darn hard, everyone deserves love in whatever form that takes, a boost of color to brighten your days, and the freedom to express love to the person who makes your world better. 

Regardless of who you love, I hope this June brings colorful joy to your life.

I'm celebrating Pride Month by bringing back those rainbow gradient necklaces and earrings (previously only available as part of the Mama Bear Gift Sets). 

Since love comes in many forms, so do these necklaces! 

I created them to be infinitely versatile and adjustable. 

You can get the whole rainbow, go ombre style with a section of the gradient, or select several and mix and match (1 for every day of the week? yes, please!) 


Oh, and of course, no necklace is complete without earrings. 

Pick your favorite from the gradient rainbow. 

rainbow earrings-ombre gradient silver and gemstone dangle earrings handmade in Seattle

Get your favorite combo here...

Full Rainbow Necklace 

Ombre Gradient Necklace

Add-On extra colors to your favorite necklace

and of course

Get the Ombre Gradient Earrings to match 


What's your favorite shade of the rainbow?? Comment below!

Catherine Grisez

3 Responses

david kind

June 12, 2021

I think wearing a nacklace like that shows the buauty of man.and makes woman look more.all the people in the word use nacklaces,and necklaces come in different designs,nacklaces will go well wite clothing,


June 06, 2021

I’ve said it before but going to say again, All and preferably in a big giant beautiful clump. ❤️🌈

Wendy Woldenberg

June 05, 2021

I’m gonna go with GREEN – though its a tossup with PURPLE!!!

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