Mystery solved. How your jewelry gives a personalized boost to the day.

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These earrings have a secret. 

sterling silver rock cascade earrings handmade in Seattle by artist Catherine Grisez

I know you have inside jokes with your friends, but do you have inside empowerment with your jewelry?!

These earrings are a symbol of strength powered by unique traits only you possess. 

So whenever you wear them, you can be reminded of how strong you are and how your unique take on life gives you that strength. A secret to give you an extra boost through your day. 

On the outside, friends (and strangers!) may comment how interesting and beautiful your jewelry is, but on the inside, you know the deeper meaning. 

cascade strength earrings made with handcarved wax cast in sterling silver, unique post earrings for artists, handcrafted in Seattle

As part of the Strength Collection family, they contain the fortitude of boulders that power you through the day. But to truly be empowered, we need balance, right? So those hard chunks of silver stone are paired with delicate and unusual plants that grow on, under, and around rocks.

Because some of the juiciest and most interesting curiosities surround rocks, much like your inner wisdom that stems from difficult experiences.

cascade strength rock earring with little succulent stud earring, handcrafted sterling silver jewelry, inspired by nature, made in USA Seattle

How good is your memory? Mine? Terrible. 

That’s why I like to keep physical objects around to remind me of the intentions where I want to focus my attention. 

The big forest rock on my desk reminds me to stay grounded and the little silver rock I wear around my neck reminds me that I'm strong AND grounded, when I'm away from my desk.

Same goes for these earrings. Available in short or long, they allow us to carry a message of inner strength powered by our own uniqueness no matter where we go. 

handcarved rock and succulent sterling silver and 14k yellow gold post earrings, handmade in Seattle USA

How did I make these lovely earrings you ask?

Starting with wax carving and a patient hand. 

Here's a video of the process from start to finish (or just keep scrolling down to see still images)...

I made these earrings by carving hard blue wax into different shapes.

work in progress, carving wax into rock shapes to be cast in sterling silver, handcrafted in Seattle, handmade in USA

work in progress, hand carving wax into flower shape for earring to be cast in sterling silver, handcrafted in Seattle, handmade in USA

The process is slow and a little tedious but perfect for my inner OCD.

I rough out the shapes with a hand saw, files, and sanding paper. Then I use dental tools I found at a flea market many years ago to carve the hard wax into solid looking rock and delicate flower shapes.  

work in progress, hand carved wax earring to be cast in sterling silver for cascade rock earring

Once I've fine tuned the design and make sure the parts fit together properly, I bring them to my caster down the street to be transformed into sterling silver. 

Final steps include soldering on the earring post and riveting the two parts together, along with the patina and polish for varying finishes. 

cascade strength earrings, handmade in Seattle, inspired by nature with rocks and flowers

And since I love to give options, I made both short and long variations. 

Currently I've only made the short version with darkened sterling silver and 14k yellow gold because I love how striking the contrast of black and gold look together. I could be persuaded to make them in polished silver and gold though, just ask!  

cascade strength rock earring and tiny succulent post earring, nature inspired jewelry handmade in Seattle USA

I especially love either of these earring designs paired with the little succulent stud earrings (shown above) or tiny diamond or gemstone succulent

For my fellow nature lovers, the pairing makes a lovely personal statement. 

Add the necklace and it's even better. 

If you like these, don't hesitate... I'm only making a small handful! 

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Catherine Grisez

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