Mother's Day Gift Ideas for your mom, wife, daughter, or grandma - Spoil All the women!

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Mama Bear Gift Sets are Back!

Oh man has it been a tough year! But seriously, I'm pretty sure Mom's have had it the hardest, rising to the challenge of their multiple roles as teachers, peacekeepers, chefs, maids, and entertainers. 

They've supported so many with love and generosity. 

Moms deserve a little extra celebrating (and pampering and spoiling) this year, don't you think?! 

Back by popular demand, I'm excited to partner with three different, amazing, local women business owners to provide you with these original, one of a kind, fun gift sets.  

Presenting the 2021 Mama Bear Gift Sets: 

mama bear gift sets handcrafted art for home and body for Mothers day gifts

Culinary Mama

culinary gift for the mom who loves to cook made of art by 3 Seattle artists

colorful bowl everything bagel blend spice and octopus tea towel all part of the Culinary Mama, mama bear gift sets by CG Sculpture and Jewelry

For the Mom who loves to cook - a fun and artful combination to ensure time in the kitchen is joyful. 

  • Turquoise and Orange Bitty Bowl by CG Sculpture and Jewelry 
  • Octopus tea towel by Chavah's Garden 
  • Everything Bagel Blend by The Kitchen Imp

This Mama enjoys the spice of life and seeks fun little touches to brighten any culinary experience!  

Why it will make her smile: 

Engage your everyday table with a pop of color, and the prefect little BITTY BOWL to keep your everything bagel blend at arms reach. Handcrafted from copper and glass enamel to withstand the test of time. 

The TEA TOWEL is printed with eco-friendly ink, washer-dryer friendly, and ready for any mama who loves beautiful usefulness.

This EVERYTHING BAGEL BLEND is made in-house with organic herbs and spices: black and white sesame seeds, poppy seeds, garlic, onion, and a bit of sea salt.  The perfect addition to mashed potatoes, buttered popcorn or your bloody mary! 

Pampered Mama

gift set for the mom who likes a spa day - mama bear gift set by Seattle artists CG Sculpture and Jewelry and Kitchen Imp

pink enamel copper bowl and grey spoon by CG Sculpture and Jewelry and Ooliva body scrub for Mama Bear Gift Sets

For the Mom who loves a spa day at home - soothing skin and eyes with this lovely combination for body and soul. 

  • Pink on Pink Bitty Bowl by CG Sculpture and Jewelry
  • Grey Bitty Spoon by CG Sculpture and Jewelry
  • Body Scrub by OOliva 

This Mama enjoys soft supple skin and finds pleasure in the details, especially with functional art in everyday life!  

Why it will make her glow: 

Hand forged copper and glass enamel BITTY BOWL and SPOON are perfectly sized to place this delicious scrub in your powder room, certain to surprise and delight your guests. Or, keep it to yourself as a daily reminder that you are loved while quenching your thirsty skin. You can also use it in the kitchen as a salt cellar or a perfect place to put your jewelry when not worn.  

This BODY SCRUB is an extra special product because the oil is infused with all of the invigorating goodness of coffee and gilded with grapefruit essential oil. This blend is lightweight and readily absorbed. You will not find fillers or anti-caking agents in these beautiful scrubs so you can rest assured knowing there are no hidden ingredients!

Sparkling Mama

mother's day gift for the woman who likes to sparkle_mama bear gift set by Seattle artists CG Sculpture and Jewelry and Ooliva

lip scrub and color by Ooliva and rainbow gradient necklace and earring sets by CG Sculpture and Jewelry for 2021 Mama Bear Gift Sets

For the Mom who loves to shine - choose her favorite color from the rainbow to customize this gift just for her.  

  • Rainbow Gradient Necklace by CG Sculpture and Jewelry 
  • Rainbow Gradient Earrings by CG Sculpture and Jewelry 
  • Lip Scrub by OOliva 
  • Lip Color by OOliva 

This Mama is not afraid of color! She walks into the room and it is immediately brighter. 

Why it will make her shimmer 

Gradient Gemstone NECKLACE & EARRING set.  Inspired by the colors of the Rainbow, symbolizing cheer and joy. What greater symbol than a rainbow to represent the love and generosity of Moms?! Choose from pink, red, green, blue, or purple gradients. 

OOliva LIP SCRUB has a lovely consistency that will stay put while gently exfoliating. Strawberry and honey exfoliate and then dissolve leaving a luxe beeswax weather barrier. A little goes a long way!

OOliva POP OF COLOR for lips & cheeks was inspired by a Victorian era recipe. The color is created by infusing non-GMO sunflower oil with a variety of roots and seeds. This nourishing blend can be layered for a deeper shade.


Together we are taking the stress out of finding the perfect gift for your mom, wife, daughter, or grandma.   

Add a special note and we will ship it to her door.

mama bear gift sets for mothers day featuring handcrafted art for home and body by 4 Seattle artists

Find all three sets here. 

Learn more about the artists behind each element of these perfectly crafted sets here.   

Sarah Selman

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