Perfectly Crafted Mother's Day Gifts and the Artists who make them

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Mama Bear Gift Sets are back! 

Back by popular demand, we've reinvented the gift sets I started last year to help you celebrate your Mom with useful and fun art for her home or body. I'm thrilled to partner with these 3 local Seattle artists to bring all new sets, ensuring original gifts.  

Check out the Gift Sets Here

Meet the Artists:  

Gina Grey

A small-batch skincare company that makes luxurious products by hand with ethically sourced, truly clean ingredients

Gina Grey making lip balm for OOliva

Image from the day OOliva was officially born. I was making lip balms for place settings for Thanksgiving and decided to get serious about starting my business.

What inspires you to do what you do?

In 2008 I started the (ongoing) process of removing harsh chemicals from our home and food. It didn’t take long to realize the only way to truly accomplish this was to make everything by hand. The pantry provided ingredients that would become OOliva. Olive oil, of course, coconut oil, beeswax and cocoa butter. Friends and family enjoyed the fruits of this endeavor for eight years and urged me to bring these products to the market. Then something unexpected pushed me to take that leap. After moving into a home infested with toxic mold I became ill. So much so that I stepped down from my university teaching career of 15 years. I spent 5 years undiagnosed and much of that time on bed rest. An exhausted body and an active mind inspired OOliva, a small batch skincare company where products like soap, deodorant and shampoo bars are made by hand with ethically sourced, truly clean ingredients.

What's on your bucket list this year? 

We have been slogging through building out a larger studio for OOliva. I sure hope we finish what should have been completed last October! Covid changed big plans for the helping hands of contractors but we are sure learning A LOT through this DIY.


Melissa Aaron
The Kitchen Imp

Useful, aromatic spices that help you make delicious food

Melissa Aaron of the Kitchen Imp spice shop

What inspires you to do what you do?

We want people to be able to make delicious food, whether they have access to lovely local produce and meats or not. One of the building blocks of delicious food is spice. We make accessible, bright, fresh spice blends for people - novice to expert - to make gorgeous food. And we source our materials carefully for the good of people and the planet. From delicate herbal blends to intensely spiced blends, there's something for everyone. Whether your diet is allium-free, low or no salt, sugar free, or all bring on all the things, there's something to suit you.

What's on your bucket list this year? 

Swim. Swim in the lakes near us, swim in (we hope) warm waters elsewhere. Hug loved ones who we haven't been able to hug. Have many big outdoor festive meals to which we invite friends and strangers alike. 


Sydney C' de Baca
Chavah's Garden   

A watercolor artist with a fondness for flora and fauna who makes tea towels with deluxe flour sack fabric and vibrant colors.

Chavahs Garden watercolor artist Sydney at work

What inspires you to do what you do?

I love being surprised, so I love the crazy colors and shapes of the natural world. I love the fluidness of the octopus, the flamboyance of flamingos, the zillions of kinds of the same plant like lavender. I also love researching my design subjects and learning things like octopuses taste through their suckers and that, yes, octopuses is the correct plural even though it sounds like something you shouldn't say in front of your grandmother. What's not to love?

What's on your bucket list this year?

Get vaccinated and go meet my grandson in person! He was born last April, so I have tons of facetime with them, but there's nothing like holding the wonderful chubbiness of a little person.


Catherine Grisez
CG Sculpture and Jewelry

Maker of metal art for the home and body, inspired by nature to bring you objects of beauty, connection, and curiosity

Catherine Grisez in art studio where she makes sculpture and jewelry

What inspires you to do what you do?

The joy of making and the way people’s faces light up when they get my work in their hands. Ever since I can remember, making art has been an obsession - an integral part of my reason for being and my absolute favorite activity. Couple that with a delighted customer and it’s like I won the lottery!

What's on your bucket list this year?

Time in nature is always on my bucket list! But this year especially I hope to backpack a portion of the PCT in Washington.
Fingers crossed for post pandemic options - travel, hugs, and restaurant dining with friends. I’m excited about the simple pleasures of life.


Thanks ladies for giving us more insight into what you do and who you are. And thank you for sharing your work with us! 

The gift sets are all so wonderful...from our studios to your home, we hope to deliver everything necessary to make her smile and glow!  

Sarah Selman

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