New roof, New attitude - How I'm staying sane and pretty despite life's dirty work

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If you've been on my instagram stories lately, you know the roof of my studio was just ripped off and replaced. 

exposed sky in CG Sculpture and Jewelry studio

It's been a long time in the works so it's exciting (no more leaky roof ruining tools moments for me!) but it was also very stressful (it rained halfway through and waterfalls sprinkled throughout the building). 

I discovered these tools were ruined by yet another recent leak as I was prepping for the roofers so the timing for this project was fantastic.

rusty metal forming tools from roof leak at CG Sculpture and Jewelry studio

exposed sky in CG Sculpture and Jewelry studio

At one point I thought about getting a retractable roof instead - it was amazing how much light poured in looking up at the sky. Sadly, that's a bit cost prohibitive for my budget. But it was fun to fantasize. 

I have a full view of the roof from a window in my house so I was able to capture most of the process. 

roof remodel at CG Sculpture and Jewelry studio

The original roof was a minuscule layer of mostly ineffective insulation sandwiched between the rafters and a flimsy layer of thin metal attached with loose screws, which were really just excuses for water to leak through little holes everywhere.

roof remodel at CG Sculpture and Jewelry studio

The new roof is a real layer of insulation sandwiched between layers of plywood with metal above that.  

roof remodel at CG Sculpture and Jewelry studio

These guys were so brave! Yep, just hanging out having a casual conversation on top of a roof. If they saw my panic attack high up on Mt Katahdin last summer they would have been confused why I was so upset. 

roof remodel at CG Sculpture and Jewelry studio

The plywood, insulation, and waterproofing layers are in! Now we just wait for the metal topper to be installed in a few weeks. I'll be sure to update when it's done.

In the meantime, I've been cleaning up all the debris and dust. 

Catherine Grisez cleaning CG Sculpture and Jewelry studio

It's not glamorous. I'm filthy. But it feels good to have the studio the cleanest it's been in ages with a proper energy efficient roof.

Getting this gross and dirty reminded me how good it feels to go the opposite extreme. Next time I'm in the studio, I'm putting on lipstick and jewelry to swing the pendulum back! 

During this process my friend Wren texted me a picture of her wearing the Pod Necklace while doing yard work with the quote - "Thanks for keeping me fancy!" 

I loved this so much I thought I'd share. It's the same headspace I'm in while cleaning up the roof aftermath and feeling gross.

Sometimes we need a little jewelry to help us feel pretty despite dirty tasks. 

Wren wearing CG pod necklace while doing yardwork

Wren used a custom little clasp shortener I made for her so she can wear her long pieces short for just this sort of occasion. 

I'd love to hear how you keep yourself feeling sane and pretty despite the dirty work and chores of life's responsibilities! 

Share your tips in the comments below! 

Catherine Grisez

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March 31, 2021

What a great reminder to wear my jewelry to help me connect with a supportive feeling! I occasionally do, but I needed the reminder. Today I’m feeling more tender as my body adjusts to 2nd dose of vaccine and I’m choosing a piece with a lg garnet nestled in a fur lined leather pod to help me remember how I’m held by the support of the universe.

Thank you for the offerings of your blog!!!! I’m grateful!

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