Metal-forming instruction (1-3 people)

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Want to learn more about metal forming? 

I specialize in forming nonferrous sheet metal into sculptural forms. With over 25 years experience hammering metal and teaching hollow-forming, I'm happy to share my wealth of knowledge with you. 

I work with both the experienced, and beginners - all aspiring metalsmiths welcome.

One on one (or up to 3 people) instruction works best for students with some of their own tools who plan to practice at home. Holloware requires many hours of practice and experimentation to improve or complete a piece. 

student learning to hammer bottom of copper bowl, holloware techniques taught by Catherine Grisez


All beginners start with raising, forming, and plannishing a 6" copper bowl (which takes approximately 8-18 hours the first time). Due to the slowness of this process, I typically spend 2-3 hours teaching and helping you get started, then you practice on your own time and return for further instruction as needed.  

I believe most of us learn art techniques best by doing, so I show you the process and let you try it at each stage, ensuring you understand and have correct form before moving on.  

student raising copper vessel with 4 feet hammered into the shape

I individualize instruction for experienced metalsmiths interested in expanding their knowledge and/or troubleshooting a project based on need. 

This can include anything from hammering smooth bowls to textured vessels to more nuanced sculptural forming and anything in-between. 

 table full of hammered copper and brass sculptural vessels in Catherine Grisez metalsmithing studio

Whether you just got your first hammer or have many years under your belt, I will do my best to ensure you get the most out of your time with me, learning all you can and leave feeling successful.

Questions that arise during home studio time can be addressed through 15 minute video or phone consults, included with the price of your first session. 

Also available: 

In addition to holloware, I can teach you how to refinish stakes and hammers to ensure the tools you're working with at home are tip-top. 

Newly purchased tools tend to have sharp corners that need to be softened before use. 

student learning to refinish a hammer in Catherine Grisez's metalsmithing studio

The nitty-gritty: 

Group size: 1-3 people (ages 16 and up)

Cost: $75 per person, per hour

Time: 1-4 hours per session (2 hour minimum on first visit)

Scheduling: My availability is flexible with times open on weekdays/eves or weekends. Email to schedule a time that works for you. 

How to sign up and pay: Once you've emailed to schedule and let me know your group size, I'll send an invoice payable by venmo, zelle, or credit card. 

Feel free to email me anytime!


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Catherine Grisez

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