A Rock Tour (literally) - When life turns fear to joy

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Let's talk about fear.

But more importantly - what happens when we get over it! 

The inspiration for my Rock Collection jewelry came from the moment I realized I was accomplishing something big, despite my fear of the rocks and heights and falling, while backpacking 900 miles on the Appalachian Trail.

When I was able to change my thinking to I am strong instead of focusing on my weaknesses, everything changed. I created this as a result.  

I'm excited to debut an extension of this collection, focused on the joy that comes from overcoming challenge and living life fully in spite of fear. 

A simple every day version of the rock - a drop that encompasses the strength of a boulder in a shape that's fun and easy to wear. 

sterling silver rock drop necklace that represents inner strength and joy

I made this necklace by carving a chunk of silver into the shape of a faceted rock that brought me joy while hiking. 

When you hike all day, every day, you find delight and happiness in the little moments, like a curious chipmunk at lunch or a sparkly rock that catches your eye on the ground.

rock drop earrings in solid sterling silver that symbolize strength and joy

These little moments quickly add up to make a fantastic day. 

Being able to set aside my fear of the rocks and falling, meant I was able to enjoy my time and be entertained by the trail, instead of having dread filled days. 

Here's a little compilation video I made of some rock highlights from the trail, starting with a rock garden in Vermont, said to be made by secret gnomes. 

Speaking of joy... 

Since good surprises are especially joyful, there is a version of this necklace that includes a diamond surprise. 

darkened sterling silver drop rock necklace with recycled diamond, jewelry to symbolize your strength and inner beauty and hidden talents 


Like the other Rock Necklaces in this collection, one face of the rock serves as a reminder that you are strong and can/will get through hard times. The other face of the rock symbolizes your inner goodness that keeps life juicy. 

And since that juicy nugget is different for everyone, there is a version with colored gemstones too (more on this option soon!).

Here's a little glimpse into the finishing of these pieces. I was so engrossed in the process, I forgot to take pics while making the primary rocks (which I've had cast in recycled sterling silver). But here they are at the end getting polished (along with my fingernails). 

Catherine Grisez polishing silver rock drops to turn into necklace and earrings

I love how nature is a metaphor for life and translating that through jewelry.  

from nature to art studio to necklace for you_handmade jewelry by seattle artist Catherine Grisez

I'm thrilled to share these new pieces with you. 

darkened sterling silver rock drop necklace on elongated oval chain handmade by seattle artist Catherine Grisez with CG Sculpture Jewelry

Show off your strength with a rock necklace and earrings! 

Shop the Rock Collection 

Catherine Grisez

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