World’s best handmade art gift guide for your favorite art lovers

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A gift guide for you generous souls who love handmade art, spoiling the people you love, and supporting small business and artists.

1.For the mom who makes sweatpants look fancy

Rose quartz and ocean rock necklace - reminiscent of a heart (without being an obvious cliche) to express your love and appreciation (rose quartz is known as the love stone). This necklace makes the wearer shine - easily paired with yoga pants and a t shirt or fancy heels and a dress.

If you really want to impress, add these matching earrings


2. For the dad who knows exactly which boutique farm his dinner came from (or maybe even did the hunting and gathering himself)

Copper enamelware bowl with a hand drawn sage leaf - perfect for olive oil dipping or your favorite spices. This little bowlbrings art (ie: spark of joy) to every layer of your meal


3. For the wife who keeps everyone sane and happy and fed every day (and only needs Bailey’s added to her coffee once in a while)

14k gold vermeil, apatite gemstones - this long necklace goes great with any neckline for a classic feminine look

Make her feel extra special with these matching earrings


4. For the sister who cheers everyone up on your family zoom call

From the Resilient Collection - a celebration of her ability to thrive despite adversity. This necklace is a lovely balance of linear geometry and timeless organic nature to fit her unique modern style


5. For the brother who loves to travel and is going bonkers from Covid induced restrictions

Explore- steel and bronze music box that plays “The Gambler” when opened - a fantastic reminder of all the places you’ve been and will go once the pandemic passes

Or choose from other music box designs in the Constructing Deconstruction series


6. For the best friend with a quiet minimalist style who you can share your darkest secrets with

Darkened silver hug earring - unique hammered leaf shape comfortable enough to wear all day and even sleep in

Amp up the gift with a matching piece from the Resilient Collection.


7. For the other best friend who makes life fun for everyone in your circle (even if she gets a little gossipy after the 2nd glass of wine)

From the Siren Collection, inspired by the intricacy’s of underwater creatures - this bold but delicate necklace is equally fun to wear with jeans or a party dress


8. For the brother-in-law you got in the gift exchange but don’t know that well

Bitty Bowls are a unique and enchanting gift for anyone who eats food. And I’m guessing your B-I-L must eat. These bowls make the best functional table top art filled with artisanal salt or your favorite spice blend. They come packaged in a glossy white box with a sample of pink Himalayan salt and care card


9. For the sister-in-law you got in the gift exchange but know even less

Jewelry is personal - we all have different favorites. But let’s face it, most women ‘need’ more! A gift card lets her pick out exactly what she wants. And in the rare circumstance jewelry is not her thing, Bitty Bowls are a fantastic back up (everyone loves them!). Gift cards can be used to purchase any item in the store, including jewelry, home goods, and sculpture.


10. For the favorite cool art-loving aunt you want to spoil with extravagance

Part wall hanging, part necklace - this piece will bring joy ALL the time. The necklace is fun, edgy, and unique; when not being worn it lives on the wood carving so it can be enjoyed as wall art


11. For the single neighbor who’s been struggling in isolation through the pandemic

Ugh - this year has been rough for everyone. But for those who live in a bubble of one, it’s been especially hard.

A pop of unexpected color = joy. Nothing can replace human connection, but a daily dose of two-tone color on your kitchen table is just what the doctor ordered for an instant mood booster. Choose from a variety of color options. The citrus bowlis especially fun!


There you have it! 11 fantastic pieces of handmade art to brighten up your loved ones’ days.

Sure, I’m biased. I designed and made all of these. But based on feedback from people who’ve bought my work, I’m confident they will bring joy to everyday life. I pour my heart into everything I make and I hope that delight shines through.

I know in my own home, the art I have by other artists, whether it’s the encaustic painting on my wall or carved ceramic mug I drink my coffee from - handmade art in my everyday life always brings a smile to my face, no matter what.


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March 07, 2021

Oh Catherine!! Your beautiful creations just gets better and better every year. I look forward to seeing even more inspiration from your…uh, stroll through the mountains this year. What a wonderful model you are for women everywhere.

Honestly…if I had money, every single person on my list would get one of your works of art. Instead, please accept my heartfelt joy at simply seeing your pieces…


March 07, 2021

I love this list! So sweet and funny – thank you for sharing!

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