Colorful starfish meet my Sea Star Ring and bond over textures

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orange and purple starfish on Washington coast beach meet my black silver Sea Star ring

One of my favorite things about Shi Shi Beach were the crazy sea creatures that came out when the tide was low.

I was so delighted to see the orange and purple starfish I had to introduce my Sea Star ringto every single one of them! (and there were a lot!)

If you want to read more about my trip to Shi Shi, here’s an introduction to the landscape.

black silver Sea star ring points to bumpy texture orange starfish on ocean sea stack rock wall

The texture on these creatures was phenomenal. Ever since hand carving a sea anemone shell back in college, I’ve been obsessed with this kind of texture found on many sea animals frequently seen in tide pools.

barnacles, sea anemones, purple and orange star fish on sea stack rock wall at Shi Shi Beach on Olympic Peninsula

Did I mention the colors?! I’ve never seen such vibrantly colored starfish. And the contrast with the green seaweed and anemones was pretty striking.

Black silver sea star ring on pointer finger meets orange bumpy starfish on sea stack rock wall at Point of Arches in Washington state

I wasn’t joking when I said my ring had to greet to every single starfish. They all really enjoyed bonding.

Rock crevice full of colorful starfish and green sea anemones on rock wall at Shi Shi Beach

I loved this little grouping of starfish who posed in formation. I wonder what their marching band would sound like…

Five stacked bright orange and purple starfish in pyramid on rock wall with two green sea anemones in the sand. Sea stack rock wall at Point of Arches on Olympic Peninsula Washington

Everyone likes to snuggle, even starfish!

hand wearing black silver sea star ring points to purple starfish on top of orange starfish with barnacles and sea anemones on sea stack rock face in Washington State rugged coastline

The piles and piles of starfish at Point of Arches on Shi Shi Beach were a definite highlight. But wait until you see what other weirdness and fantastic textures were in abundance there. More soon…

Want to bond with starfish too (even if only in theory)?

Get your very own Sea Star Ring


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