The stress reducing powers of art and nature - a glimpse into my artistic approach

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My two big loves (aside from people of course) are making art and exploring nature. They often go hand in hand, both being excellent ways to create a sense of connection and eliminate stress. 

In this 3 minute video I explain how and why I incorporate both into my life and work so they can connect and empower you by extension. 

or, if you prefer to read (but with less imagery!), here's a recap of the video... 

An underlying thread in all of my work through the years has been connection. 

We all need connection right?! 

Sometimes that's to another person, sometimes it's to nature, and sometimes it's to something bigger like a sense of spirituality.

handcarved bronze lovebirds on steel music box made in Seattle by artist Catherine Grisez

When I make art and jewelry there's always an element of creating something meaningful that will help remind you of important connections in your life, including people and nature.

Like these pieces, Prevail and Unveil, about love and uncovering the depth of a person as you get to know them. 

copper and colorful enamelware diamond vessel and wall sculpture handcrafted by Washington artist


I may start out thinking of a personal experience, but I focus on the aspect we can all relate to.

For example, I've made art about connections to self, other people, home, and nature through pieces about body and self-esteem, falling in love, or a sense of place. All things with a universal truth.

 2 part copper and pink enamel wall sculpture with relief style droops and bulges

I get a lot of my ideas while hiking and backpacking and often use imagery from nature in my art to represent feelings and emotions. 


For example, the Resilient Jewelry Collection came to me when I saw tiny plants flourishing among dusty baron volcanic rock on Mt St Helens.

 Mt St Helens dusty rocky terrain with single thriving plant inspiring CG Jewelry collection called Resilient

 sterling silver necklaces with linear and leaf shapes in CG Jewelry collection called Resilient inspired by hike up Mt St Helens, handcrafted in Seattle

This balance of rigid rock lines paired with little leaves became a symbol of our ability to thrive despite adversity - something I experienced firsthand on a physical and emotional level while hiking up that mountain (it was especially grueling 6000 feet and above!), and one I know others relate to from their life experiences, regardless of the origin of the idea.


Emergence copper silver and bronze bowl sculpture with sea inspiration

Studies show that spending time in nature greatly reduces stress and anxiety and it can improve mood and well-being. I also believe nature is a place where we can all feel connected to each other and a sense of something bigger than ourselves.

sunset over mountains paired with one of a kind enamelware copper bowl that it inspired, handcrafted in Seattle

I read a compelling scientific study that said even having a picture or object to remind you of the great outdoors brings up those same healing benefits. So when you surround yourself with imagery that conjures up memories of plants or trees or water, maybe even from your local park or that family vacation at the beach, you gain added moments of inner calm, lowered blood pressure, all those great benefits from being in nature.

 one of a kind nature inspired sterling silver statement necklace and green plant

In the end, my goal is to create art that will transport you, even if only for a brief moment in your day. 

So when you see that sculpture or open a music box or put on that necklace I made, I hope it reminds you of your meaningful life full of connection and empowerment. 


Now it's your turn... what is your favorite place in nature? I'd love to know!

Comment below and tell me about your outside happy place. 

Catherine Grisez

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