Sometimes we need a little extra love (especially of the rose quartz variety)

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It’s a strange time, living through a pandemic… it’s such a conflicting mix of upheaval and strange calm. Regular life is turned upside down, but so much time at home is also comforting. Through the unusual stresses, I’m finding it helpful to focus on positives - like gratitude, love, and connection. And I’m best reminded of these attributes through jewelry.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I’ve got LOVE especially on my mind. Part of celebrating love is remembering to treat everyone, including ourselves, with grace and compassion.

Expressing adoration and appreciation is more important than ever.

rose quartz and carved beach rock sterling silver necklace inspired by love and the sea

Rose quartz is the love stone, so it naturally comes to mind in times of struggle or when celebrating connection.

This magical gemstone helps your heart heal, keeps you open to unconditional love, and promotes self love and friendship.

rose quartz and hand carved beach rock earrings by CG Jewelry

This particular series combines these very special love filled gemstones with ocean rocks - black and grey stones tumbled by the sea to a smooth matte finish.

These dark and lovely stones imbue the wearer with both the power and tranquility of the sea - a dynamic duo that screams confidence.

I collected these beautifully ocean worn rocks on the Washington coast and carved them by hand to nestle up to their new rose quartz friends.

rose quartz and hand carved beach rock artist made necklace by CG jewelry

The rose quartz are exceptional, high quality stones ethically sourced in North Dakota.

The vintage style rose cut (a style originating in the 16th century), was done by a company that only uses fair-mined, fair-trade, and ethical practices, ensuring these gems are as good for community as they are for your heart chakra.

fair mined fair trade rose quartz sterling silver earrings by CG Jewelry


The combination is striking… a pairing of light and sparkling with bold and fearless, a perfect definition of feminine.

jewelry in the making - process of fitting rocks and gems, making a complicated silver bezel and setting the stones by hand.

Sometimes I get so immersed in what I’m making I don’t think to take pictures of the process. I was so excited about this rose quartz ocean rock collection, I didn’t manage to capture the techniques along the way.

But you can see in the above example of a similar piece using pink amethyst, the steps of fitting the stones, making bezels, and setting the stones.


rose quartz and beach rocks - inspiration for love jewelry

Wouldn’t it be amazing to find a big chunk of rose quartz like this on the actual beach?!

It’s not likely. I brought this piece with me when thinking about the series and collecting inspiration. But I love seeing the stones together soaking up the power of water.

Most people don’t think much of rocks in their natural state, but once cut and polished and set in jewelry, we can truly harness their power of beauty and connection.

necklace to represent the fearless and feminine woman - black ocean rock and pink rose quartz set in sterling silver

When I’m struggling or when I want a reminder of what is good in the world, wearing jewelry imbued with a message of love and confidence is especially helpful.

Objects and jewelry in our lives hold the power to transport and connect us through their symbology and inner meaning.

Find these one of a kind lovelies and more here.


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