Women who Inspire - the jewelry award that honors them

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Several years ago I started the Inspiring Women Project.

I wanted a way to acknowledge and show my appreciation for all the amazing women out there doing great things for her friends/family/community.

Recognizing and honoring inspiring women with jewelry seemed like the natural solution (obviously, I'm a jeweler!).

Custom, handmade, You Inspire letterpress card and silver necklace - CG Inspiring Women jewelry award

Jewelry is more than simple adornment.

I believe objects hold the power to connect us to people and memories. My hope is that this necklace will remind women of their power through words and actions, their courageous acts of kindness and compassion, every time they wear it.

Custom made silver necklace and letterpress card for Inspiring Women Project jewelry award from CG

The award consists of the sterling silver necklace, a handmade letterpress card, and a note from the person who nominated the winner expressing their appreciation.

My goal is to focus on how small actions can create a big impact on someone’s life. I kicked off the award by choosing Wendy Woldenberg, a dear friend, huge inspiration in multiple ways, and immensely generous soul.

Wendy Woldenberg wearing CG Inspiring Women Project necklace award by CG Sculpture and Jewelry

In making the necklace, I was inspired by blooming plants, signifying ongoing growth and the helpful actions and words of women unfurling out in the world.

showing steps of hand carved wax master piece for Inspiring Women silver necklace jewelry award by artist Catherine Grisez

I wanted the necklace to have a solid but soft and organic feel, best achieved through the casting process. I carved the wax by hand, first roughing out the shape with a hand file, then slowly carving in details with old dental tools. Once my shape was complete, I sent it out to be made into a mold and cast in sterling silver.

Then I add chain and an adjustable closure so the necklace will accommodate many neckline types. The necklace length is 17” - 19” but I’m always happy to accommodate different length needs to ensure winners enjoy wearing the necklace.

handmade letterpress card by Orange House Press artist Carol Clifford made for Inspiring Women award by CG Sculpture and Jewelry

You inspire details of handmade custom Letterpress card for Inspiring Women necklace award by CG Sculpture and Jewelry

The letterpress card was designed and printed by Orange House Letterpress. Carol was a delight to work with and turned my loose ideas for the card into this beautiful creation. Learn more about Carol and the process of letterpress printing these custom cards.

handmade necklace and card, Inspiring Women Project necklace award for women who are a force for good

We are currently giving out one of these unique awards quarterly. There is no fee to nominate and the award is a free gift from me.

This is simply my way of saying thank you for doing good in the world and spreading kindness and love.

Recommend the inspiring women in your life with the nominate button found here.

handmade botanical silver necklace and letterpress card for CG Inspiring Women jewelry award

Regardless if you nominate or win this award, I applaud all the women out there who are a force for good.

Thank you for doing your part to make the world a better place, no matter how big or small the act.

Nominate someone special today.


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