The value of a sparkly rock

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What makes one sparkly rock more valuable than another? 

A gem that has personal significance might not be a million dollar stone, but I bet it’s worth more than the hope diamond. 

I’ve been hiking across sparkling rock for days on end here on the Appalachian Trail in southern Maine and northern New Hampshire. All the rock makes it tedious ground to cover, but the upside is a fun to look at, endless glittery marvel from nature.

This is one of many treasures along the way. It’s too crumbly to make a ring but I may create a locket for it.

This stone will always remind me of this journey, and for that, it is priceless. 

Meanwhile, back in the studio, Sarah is contemplating the depth and meaning of other sparkly stones…


Cheerful and bright shades of yellow imbue this gemstone necklace with optimism and delight.

Moonstone to enhance intuition, citrine for clarity in trusting that intuition, carnelian for the willpower boost to carry through, and quartz to amplify your intentions.

Labradorite is an amazing stone that glimmers with iridescent shades of blue, green, and grey. This stone facilitates depth and meaning, giving protection and awareness to the wearer. Plus it’s really pretty.


Rose quartz is the stone of love. It will help you dissolve mistrust and open your heart to an abundance of love from friends, family, and partners. Paired with rocks embedded with the power of the sea, this earring and necklace duo is sure to enhance dynamic relationships.

Whatever stone holds meaning for you is the most valuable gem in the world.

A sparkly rock can be meaningful for many reasons - those listed above, or simply because it reminds you of an important person or time in your life. I know every time I see my piece of mica infused granite from the Appalachian Trail, it will remind me of this epic journey and make me smile.

I’d love to hear what gems are making you smile. Comment below!


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