Burst metal sculpture displayed in it's forever home

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burst copper and gold vessel tabletop sculpture displayed on wood cabinet next to lemon tree

You already know including unique sculpture to your art collection adds a valuable jolt of joy and intrigue to your day.

We respond to sculpture differently than art on the wall, in part because it occupies 3-dimensional space in much the same way we do - causing a more visceral reaction and moving interaction.

But ever wonder how to display sculpture in your home? Everyone gets painting - hang it on the wall. But 3 dimensional work can be a little trickier.

I was thrilled when my one of a kind hammered metal sculpture Burst found it’s forever home with this creative couple. Their home is brimming with handmade art, eclectic furniture, and gorgeous mountain and water views.

They asked if I had any suggestions on how to display the piece. One option was a low bench, but with the number of rambunctious dogs that visit, that seemed like a potential disaster.

Contemporary metal sculpture displayed on wood built in cabinet with lemon tree next to steel fireplace

They already had this beautiful built in wood cabinet in the living room between the contemporary steel fireplace and bank of windows facing the water view. It seemed like a natural fit. They change up what’s displayed in the cubbie holes so it can be in a protected zone or up above for better viewing.

Displaying sculpture on an existing cabinet, credenza, fireplace mantel, or floating wall shelf are all great options.

If you are renovating or designing a new space, consider small built-in spaces in unexpected areas - like a wall cubbie that can be a dedicated sculpture display. 

In cases where stairs or old vent systems create unusual wall voids, this can be an excellent place to make room for art built in art displays. 

And never underestimate the power of a pedestal for maximum primo art gallery feel. 

metal conceptual contemporary tabletop scale sculpture displayed in living room next window on built in wood cabinet. The room has a steel fireplace, silver chair, and cherry lemon tree

While this piece is super happy in it’s new home, many of my other one of a kind metal sculptures are available and waiting to add unique joy to your home.

I'm always happy to work with you directly (in home locally or via zoom) to help you determine the best way to display your sculptural art.

Curious to know when new work is available? Join my email list to be the first.

Catherine Grisez

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