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Tide pool and forest inspired jewelry for the CoCA marathon

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I thought they might be a little bit insane the first time I went to the CoCA (Center on Contemporary Art) marathon and saw the 20 or so artists working for 24 hours straight, including a party that involved being on show for the public while they made their art. So I was a bit hesitant when CoCA invited me to participate this year.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no stranger to pulling all-nighters, especially many in a row when up against a show deadline. I’m a night owl by nature and can make art for a long time when immersed in an adrenaline charge. But working all night in the privacy of my own studio on pieces that are already far into the process, is a very different experience.

Knowing you only have 24 hours to come up with at least 3 auction worthy works of art, with only the tools you were able to bring and set up on a folding table, is a far more stressful experience, especially for a tool heavy method like jewelry.


But my drive and excitement at seeing the new pieces I had envisioned for this come to life (plus dark chocolate and coffee) got me through.

I was so focused on getting my work done I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of the overall excitement. But here’s a little survey of the pieces I made and the inspiration behind them.

one of a kind blackened sterling silver necklace inspired by forest and beach made by hand in Seattle by artist Catherine Grisez

Forest Tidepool, sterling silver and beach rock

After spending long hours admiring and studying the flora and fauna of the pacific northwest during summer backpacking trips, I was excited to put my newfound inspiration into jewelry terms. I had a couple different directions in mind - one capturing the subtle shimmer and exotic lifeforms of tide pools and the other the explosive nature of blooming plant life. The resulting pieces were a combination of these aspects of nature

anemone tide pool fern forest
forest floor petals and leaves seaweed landscape

one of a kind lemon quartz, beach rock, and darkened sterling silver necklace made in Seattle by artist Catherine Grisez

Rock Pool, sterling silver, beach rock and citrine

one of a kind sterling silver, beach rock, and chalcedony necklace made in Seattle by artist Catherine Grisez

Reflecting Pool, sterling silver, beach rocks and chalcedony

one of a kind darkened sterling silver and beach rock necklace inspired by the ocean and made in Seattle by artist Catherine Grisez

Twilight Tidepool, sterling silver and beach rock

In the end I was thrilled with how these necklaces turned out. The 4 women who bought them were all fantastic humans I enjoyed meeting and talking to during the auction that followed the marathon a day later.

If you like these pieces, be sure to sign upfor my mailing list so you can be the first to see new versions of this style when they’re available.


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