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  • Copper, .925 silver, amazonite, labradorite, wood, acrylic
  • 20" x 4" x 2" 

Vocalizer tests the freedom to express oneself despite adversity.


From the Lick series, portraying human as sculpture – a multi media project documenting wounds and the potential beauty behind the healing process.  

The portrait shows the wound in context, universal life experiences spilling from the body. The sculpture, a reliquary of the wound, focuses on good that results from purged suffering by highlighting those experiences as precious objects encased in vitrines.


Picture of Vocalizer Portrait for reference 

Model: Rachel Flotard

Photo credit: Lucien Knuteson

Lick is also a book, a catalog of the portraits paired with stories and poems written by a variety of authors to reflect the sentiment of each sculpture.

More info on the project and contributors.