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Triple Siren Necklace

Your statement just got bolder. and more interesting.

  • Polished or darkened sterling silver

  • Adjustable necklace length: 18” - 20”

  • Pendant area dimension: 2.25” x 1.5”

  • Necklace is reversible with different hand carved detailing on both sides.

  • Your jewelry will arrive in a gift box tied with ribbon

Named for the Sirens of Greek mythology, this piece is one part glamorous seduction and one part marine biology. These alluring shapes were inspired by drawings of underwater sea creatures from 19th century biologist/artist, Ernst Haeckel.

Each element was hand carved in wax using ancient techniques, then cast in multiples in sterling silver resulting in unique jewelry that is exquisitely feminine with a bit of a scientific edge.

Siren Collection - Item #nsi79

Darkened Silver
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