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Murmuration Enamelware Graphite Bowl

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Watching birds fly, especially in masse has always felt relaxing and and mesmerizing. The graceful forms they create in air are stunning. I created this bowl with the joyful and captivating allure of flying birds in mind.

  • Made with hammered copper and acid resistant, lead-free glass enamel

  • 3.5” x 3.5” x 1”

  • One of a kind graphite drawing (done by hand directly on the bowl) is encased in layers of glass

  • Unique and truly one of a kind

  • Strong but delicate! Hand wash

  • Great for jewelry, salt/pepper, spices, olive oil dipping, etc

Hand forged copper is fired with glass enamel and hand drawn with a nature inspired graphite sketch. They are fired once again with a clear layer and finished to ensure no sharp edges. Each is unique and truly one of a kind.


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