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  • Copper, sterling silver, tourmaline, peridot, model train greenery, wood, acrylic
  • 30" x 16" x 9"

From a gash on the hand, copper, silver chain, tourmaline and peridot gemstones spill and fall into a miniature deforested landscape of copper and model train greenery below. Makerexpresses inner conflict in the need to create, build and consume with the awareness of the deteriorating environment and impeding lack of resources while simultaneously adding beauty to our surroundings. 

From the Lick series, portraying human as sculpture – a multi media project documenting wounds and the potential beauty behind the healing process.  

The portrait shows the wound in context, universal life experiences spilling from the body. The sculpture, a reliquary of the wound, focuses on good that results from purged suffering by highlighting those experiences as precious objects encased in vitrines.


Picture of Maker Portrait for reference


Model: John Grade

Photo credit: Lucien Knuteson 

Lick is also a book, a catalog of the portraits paired with stories and poems written by a variety of authors to reflect the sentiment of each sculpture.

More info on the project and contributors.