Copper and 14k gold

12" x 6" x 8"

Hand forged and texured copper pod combined with electroformed hand carved wax, fabricated and plated 14k gold.

This piece represents a connection to something larger than oneself, a feeling of inner peace and elation experienced after a difficult mountain climb. Burst was intricately textured with thousands of hammer blows, much like the thousands of steps taking on the backpacking trip that inspired it.

In late summer of 2016, I hiked 100 miles around Mt Rainier on the Wonderland Trail with Wendy, Shannon, and Susan, 3 extraordinary friends. It was an amazing and unforgettable experience that led to the creation of this sculpture. Primarily an expression of euphoria - exhilaration found in pushing ones limits to an extreme - it also captures the delicate balance of intense emotion traveling both outward and inward simultaneously.

Burst is a testament to courage – a reminder that jumping into adventures that scare us a little bit always lead to profound connections on many levels.

Burst is a visual reminder to Be Brave.

From the Skin Within Series

photo credit: Doug Yaple