Inspiring Women Project - Jewelry award

A Silver necklace award given to women who are a force for good.

Is your co-worker, mom, favorite barista, friend, sister, council member, dog walker, aunt (the list goes on!) making your world a better place?

In the spring of 2017 I had an idea... I wanted to acknowledge women who are doing good - inspiring and lifting up the spirits of those around them. As an artist and jeweler, the natural solution was to create a jewelry award for the fantastic women making the world a better place.

I designed this necklace (inspired by blooming plants) as a way to thank women for giving others hope and making someone's life a little easier/happier/brighter.


Nominate a woman who inspires you!

In a world fraught with political turmoil, natural disasters, violence, and everyday struggles - it's important to recognize and acknowledge the good. This award is for women who make a difference no matter how large or small.

This is a celebration of the Good. The Compassionate. The Courageous. The Inspiring

Each quarter, one woman is chosen at random to win the necklace along with a beautiful letterpress card listing who/how she has inspired, given props on facebook/instagram, and featured on the wall of fame below.
Nominate your sister, co-worker, mom, friend, boss, favorite barista, therapist, aunt, council member, etc today!

Is there a woman out there who's made your life better?
Someone who has done good things for her community?
A woman who generally makes people's lives brighter in some small way?


About the Necklace

I was inspired by blooming plants - signifying ongoing growth and the helpful actions and words of women unfurling out in the world.  

Solid sterling silver with an adjustable chain length of 17"-19"

Meet the Inspiring Women!

Click on an image and scroll through to learn more about these wonderful humans. (hover over the clicked image to read about them)