My favorite nature inspired earrings to wear this summer

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organic contemporary nature inspired leaf earring for favorite summer light weight style

I made these earrings for myself but they're so comfortable and fun to wear (and I get so many compliments on them) I decided to make them in a limited edition for you too! Here, my friend Carol is rocking the darkened version.

I seriously wear these earrings just about everywhere I go, I've even been wearing them in the studio. But my favorite is to wear them on outings with friends.

bright sterling silver organic contemporary leaf thread earrings perfect for everyday wear or elegant look with a black cocktail dress

They're perfect for sensitive ears that don't like much weight. And the long ear wire in the back makes them striking from a distance, hard to do with a small earring. Plus, they make me feel like I put a little style effort in when I’ve only thrown on a casual pair of shorts and t-shirt for the day. These are part of my Resilient Collection, jewelry inspired by a backpacking adventure up and around a volcano. So if you're looking for a new earring to go with a necklace you already own or want a complete set, here are several fun options from the complete collection.


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