Learn Hollowware!

Hollowware is the process of making hollow forms by hammering sheet metal - resulting in anything from cups to teapots to abstract sculpture. I teach a couple times a year (typically spring and fall) at Pratt Fine Art Center in the Central District of Seattle.

I also teach and share slide presentations in other areas and schools. If you'd like me to present in your area, email c@catherinegrisez.com

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2021 classes:

ugh. pandemic.

All group classes are currently on hold until it is safe to share space. 

One on one, socially distanced instruction is available in my studio in the South Park neighborhood of Seattle.

$60 per hour with a 1 hour minimum. Contact c@catherinegrisez.com to schedule.

Hear what students have had to say after working with me…

Catherine has a great teaching ability and is a joy to have as an instructor.
Catherine is excellent all around - she’s attentive to what we’re working on, available without hovering, accessible, friendly, and easy to communicate with.
Catherine is very knowledgeable and helpful with specific questions and helped me figure out what to do to work better. 
Catherine is an excellent instructor - active interest in all students work and progress.
Catherine is very observant and patient in explaining options for how to do this work.
Catherine is a very kind person and a great teacher. She made it fun and comfortable. No pressure to be perfect. I had a blast. She’s also very accommodating to people with physical issues. Helped me find ways to work without hurting my body.