Hello! I'm Catherine

Thanks for your interest in my art. I am Catherine Grisez (pronounced Gre-zay), owner and artist behind CG Sculpture and Jewelry, based in Seattle, WA.


Catherine Grisez in art studio where she makes metal sculpture and jewelry inspired by nature

I love making things and thank my lucky stars on a regular basis that I get to do what I do – inventing and creating with my hands. I'm the daughter of a 4th generation home builder so I guess you could say it's in my blood. 

Quality and longevity are super important to me, I strive to bring you timeless objects that will last for lifetimes – heirlooms to be passed on and treasured by future generations. 

I also work to bring you interesting distractions from the mundane – through community based projects, metalsmithing classes, conceptual objects to spark thought, and beautiful pieces to simply enjoy.

I'm happy to talk shop anytime, so please feel free to get in touch! c@catherinegrisez.com


Catherine Grisez hiking at Elk Lake Washington gathering art inspiration from nature


When I’m not in the studio, I’m exploring outside, gathering inspiration from mountains, forests, and water.


My collectors know each piece has a deeper meaning to help them feel the connections, curiosity, and beauty of nature in everyday life. 

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See a video I made about the inspiration and making of recent work:


Sweet sentiments from a few of my collectors: 

"Catherine is both an amazing teacher and an inspirational artist. I purchased a music box which is a perfect example of her creative ability, style and high quality workmanship. I will cherish it dearly. This compilation brings me joy and heartfelt memories. Thank you.." - Michelle Kelly

"Five stars is not enough! This jewelry transports me, makes me think of nature in a whole new light. The quality craftsmanship, there is a sturdy, stoic elegance that defies gravity...delicate yet super strong. The color combinations make my brain wonder about color in a whole new way. I’m a lifelong fan and look forward to handing my pieces down to my children." -Wren Crosleycone

"Catherine created a wonderful custom piece of jewelry for us. She took the time to get to know us and crafted a very personal piece reflective of our hobbies and Northwest nature (working flexibly around a stone I provided). Highly recommend Catherine's artwork, jewelry and custom work." -John Wuest

And Introducing….

Sarah Selman

VP Sales and Marketing

Sarah is the business guru and fashionista of the family.

Catherine’s younger sister who lights up the party and rocks a good spreadsheet. 

She has a natural talent for hospitality and excitement for creating memories. 

Sarah currently resides in Orlando with her husband and two sweet boys. You will find her most weekends adorned in our jewelry, enjoying the Florida sunshine and spending time with family and friends, all while enjoying a bubbly beverage. 

Sarah knows how to work an outfit paired with jewelry.

If you have any questions about the best necklace to go with your new dress, or the perfect earrings to gift your someone special, reach out to info@catherinegrisez.com and Sarah will help you down the right path.