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  • Copper, .999 silver, .925 silver, rock crystal, silicone, wood, acrylic
  • 5” x 40” x 5”

Contradictorexplores relationships between people, the desire to feel connected and part of something while also needing to feel free and independent. The ‘umbilical cord’ is made from rock crystal, shown intact growing from belly button to belly button in one frame, then exploding and breaking free in the next.

From the Lick series, portraying human as sculpture – a multi media project documenting wounds and the potential beauty behind the healing process.  

The portrait shows the wound in context, universal life experiences spilling from the body. The sculpture, a reliquary of the wound, focuses on good that results from purged suffering by highlighting those experiences as precious objects encased in vitrines.


Picture of Contradictor Portrait for reference


Models: Morgan Houghton and Lizzy Melton

Photo credit: Lucien Knuteson


LICK is a multi-media project involving sculpture, photography and writing that documents wounds and the good that can manifest through the healing process.

This body of work consists of metal, silcone, and mixed media wound sculptures worn by different people as badges of courage and honor, reflecting universal life experiences. While the portrait photographs give the sculptures context, their permanent homes lie in pristine vitrines – a reliquary leaving behind the wound and instead focused on the beauty found in growth through difficult times.

Lick is also a book, a catalog of the portraits paired with stories and poems written by a variety of authors to reflect the sentiment of each sculpture.

More info on the project and contributors.