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Copper, labradorite, apatite

9" x 11" x 9"

Hollow formed and fabricated using ancient metalsmithing techniques.

Learn more about the symbology behind this piece here.

Water plays a prominent and consistent theme in my work. I feel most alive and inspired when I’m swimming. In this piece, an egg shape, symbolic of new life or rebirth, meets the color of water, capturing the essence of how it feels to be at peace with life and open to something new. An inner pool of sparkling gems emerges to remind that with the act of acceptance, new worlds open up to us.

Acceptance is made from two pieces of copper hammered from flat sheet metal into orb shapes. The two forms were then soldered together to create a solid, yet hollow (and light weight) sculpture. A salt water and ammonia patina create a rich and lightly textured surface.

From the Dig Series

Photo credit: Doug Yaple