CG Sculpture and Jewelry

Warranty and Repairs

In all cases below, please email an image and info to discuss the options.


Free Repairs: We relentlessly strive for perfection, however, in the event of a workmanship mishap on our part, we’ll repair or replace the damaged piece at no cost to you within one year of purchase. Repairs done by other jewelers are not covered by our implied warranty.

Paid repairs: Should your jewelry accidentally get dropped, swallowed by your dog, or used as a tug of war rope, we will be happy to repair it for a nominal fee (when possible). Repair cost and time frame are assessed case by case.

Earring replacement: Lost one half of your favorite pair? Single earrings are available for 50% of the pairs current retail value. (Though in some cases this may not be possible – mates are dependent on material availability)

Re-Oxidation: Darkened (or oxidized) metal will naturally lighten with wear. Some factors can speed up this process - individual chemistry, prolonged exposure to sunlight or beauty products for example. Not to worry, most of CG pieces can easily be re-oxidized and we're happy to do so for free, you only need to cover shipping costs.

Bitty Bowls and Spoons

Your Bitty Bowl and Spoon are precious! Do not leave in extreme temperatures. Freezing and heat affect the expansion and contraction of metal/glass which could lead to cracking and chipped enamel. Vitreous enamel is high temperature fused glass to copper - it can stand a lot but will crack if dropped from a distance, banged against a hard surface, or thrown at a wall in a fit of happiness.

We strive for superior quality and warrant all of our goods against manufacturing mishaps. If there's a problem, we will do everything in our power to make you happy so you may enjoy our products. If your Bitty Bowl or Spoon are damaged due to user error, we assess the possibility and cost of repairs on a case by case basis.