Sparkly Mama

Handcrafted in Seattle for the Mom who loves to shine - choose her favorite color from the rainbow to customize this gift just for her.

This Mama is not afraid of color!  She walks into the room and it is immediately brighter.

Gift Set Includes:

  • Rainbow Gradient Necklace by CG Sculpture and Jewelry 
  • Rainbow Gradient Earrings by CG Sculpture and Jewelry 
  • Lip Scrub by OOliva 
  • Lip Color by OOliva 
Choose your favorite color gradient to have the jewelry in your gift set customized just for you. Allow us to wrap and deliver it for you! 
  • Packaged in white gift box tied with a ribbon. 
  • Include a personalized gift note in check-out.

About the Products

Necklace & Earrings (CG Sculpture and Jewelry) Gradient Gemstone NECKLACE & EARRING set. Inspired by the colors of the Rainbow, symbolizing cheer and joy. What greater symbol than a rainbow to represent the love and generosity of Moms?!

Necklaces: solid sterling silver and mixed gemstones. Adjustable necklace length 19" - 21" to fit a variety of necklines and tops. 

Earrings: solid sterling silver and mixed gemstones on a french style ear wire. 

Lip Scrub (OOliva) Our LIP SCRUB has a lovely consistency that will stay put while gently exfoliating. Strawberry and honey exfoliate and then dissolve leaving a luxe beeswax weather barrier. A little goes a long way!

Lip Color (OOliva) Our POP OF COLOR for lips & cheeks was inspired by a Victorian era recipe. The color is created by infusing non-GMO sunflower oil with a variety of roots and seeds which have been used to dye lips, cheeks and fabric since the earliest recorded history. This nourishing blend can be layered for a deeper shade.

About the Artists

Catherine Grisez (CG Sculpture and Jewelry) creates meaningful and functional metal art for the home and body. She designed these Rainbow Gradient necklaces and earrings specifically with thoughts of Moms in mind. A rainbow of color to represent the love and generosity of Mom while providing a bright spot in the harsh and stressful year of pandemic.

Gina Grey (OOliva) makes makes skincare products with simple, whole ingredients that are free of harsh and unnecessary additives. OOliva is a small-batch skincare company in Seattle that makes luxurious products by hand with ethically sourced, truly clean ingredients.

Pink Gradient
Red Gradient
Green Gradient
Blue Gradient
Purple Gradient
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