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Rose quartz beach pebble, one of a kind earring

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Exceptional fair trade rose quartz gemstones - high quality gems you can feel extra good about wearing, knowing everything from the earth, to miners, to gem cutter was treated fairly in the creation of the stones, nestled in black rocks worn by the sea, hand carved and set in recycled sterling silver.

Rose quartz is the stone of love. It will help you dissolve mistrust and open your heart to an abundance of love from friends, family, and partners. Paired with rocks embedded with the power of the sea, this duo is sure to enhance dynamic relationships.

  • Unique and One of a kind.

  • 1/2” x 1/2” overall dimensions

  • sterling silver, rose cut rose quartz, Washington Coast beach rock

  • handmade in Seattle WA

This rose quartz gemstone is fair mined in North Dakota and cut by a company that only uses fair trade and ethical practices for it’s employees. Combined with a rock I found on the Washington coast and hand carved to fit the faceted gemstone’s shape, the two stones were then set in recycled sterling silver.

So you can rest assured your jewelry was created with respect and high consideration for people and the planet.

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