Shi Shi Beach adventure with wearable ocean jewelry in a dramatic landscape

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Every year my neighborhood goes nuts for about 5 days surrounding the 4th of July with random unnerving explosions. This year I decided to opt for drama of a different variety - the sea!

And of course my favorite little nautical sea star necklace was the perfect accompaniment for the adventure.

sea star nautical necklace with blue and white striped shirt worn at shi shi beack with sea stacks in the distance

My boyfriend and I went to Shi Shi Beach, one of the northern most spots in Washington on the Olympic Peninsula.

It was AMAZING!!

dramatic sunset behind point of arches at shi shi beach washington

rocky ocean coastline with dramatic sea stacks on Olympic Peninsula in Washington state

We camped there for 3 nights which means we had 2 full luxurious days to thoroughly explore all the nooks and crannies of this fascinating stretch of coastline.

wearing silver rand black sea star nautical necklace with silver siren earrings in the sunshine at point of arches tunnel sea stack on shi shi beach washington.

elephant shaped rock formation at point of arches at shi shi beach Washington on the Olympic Peninsusla

I couldn’t get enough of the sea stacks at Point of Arches. This magical landscape was the perfect backdrop for my sea inspiredSiren Collection Jewelry. I loved wearing this necklaceand earringsin an environment that inspired my designs.

black and white silver sea star nautical necklace and silver siren earrings in front of textured rock formation arch on the beach

Stunning sunset behind sea stacks on shi shi beach in Washington

This place rocked my world. So I’ll be sharing more pics, details and action shots in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned for delightful (and some slightly disturbing) sea creatures!

In the meantime, get your ocean jewelry fix right nowand celebrate the joys of the sea without leaving home. Until your next beach adventure that is!


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